The Ginyu Force is looking for Active Members

We are focusing on keeping active players in the Alliance, and helping those starting out gain levels and finish co-ops. We welcome new players, and will help however we can. If you want to join and there aren’t any spots, just check back later, Our Officers stay on top of our 2 day idle limit.

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Where are the active players? I’ve been here 3 days and can’t find anyone active.

Me too! I’m looking for an active alliance and this place is completely deserted.

i just disbanded my alliance due to inactive members. im a daily player and just looking for an alliance that is active, members help each other and just over all have fun. Im at lvl 51 and just working on getting my heroes to Gold and working with what i got

I have had success with my alliance by holding to a strict 2 day kick policy. When a spot opens up I hop on chat and send out a couple of recruiting messages to get back to 25. It is an ongoing process, but I have managed to work the recruitment requirements from no level open to open level 35+. I would say to join up with mine, but we are currently full and no one is close to the kick window.