Hero Hunters not working on Memu or Nox after update

Anyone use either and got it to work?

The update has messed with Android emulators, I am not sure if there is a fix but one thing I am going to try is see if changing the device you are emulating makes a difference, i.e. emulate a different phone or emulate a Tablet instead. Lemme know if that makes any difference

I’ve changed all of the settings I can think of but no dice.

Hmmm straneg and uforunate, I am glad I managed to back up my accounts to my iPhone before this happened

We do not endorse the use of third party software to run our applications. Using emulators can cause false positives on live issues, can damage your profile, and opens the door to numerous other issues. We cannot provide support for users who use emulators to run our games.


You’re gonna have to reinstall. Hopefully you use your Google account to back up your profile. Or try Memu Play. Nox was never able to run HH for me.

Still didn’t work. :frowning:

The last thing I can suggest is installing an older version like Bluestacks 3.