Build the best Callidus team

Build the best Callidus team and tell us how it works.

Definitely use venom. For coop pvp maybe oracle for her gold passive.
Callidus works most well with constant healing so the can get the taunt up. And since she actually leeches hp with every attack and ability she can also sustain herself. She is a tank who in the meantime applies healblock to the entire enemy team. She orients around her ability to heal faster. Reduce damage and taunt constantly. With the right support she can perform a constant taunt

Her gold where she leeches health from allies. Don’t worry about that either since venom heals that up. And if she doesn’t then callidus will do it herself since she heals allies with attacks too

As for a full comp for her, i would definitely go with: (damage dealer). Callidus. Venom. Gammond (if you feel like finding a use for him) and then Duran or luciana. Since it also boosts her ability to heal and deal damage. Duran can also heal her back up for her taunt.

Obviously you’d want to go with meta heroes but really. Who likes that?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I always want callidous when I play as ronin get his shield up callidous distributes damage to ronin ,ronin reflects the damage.


Thanks, now I know I can use her as damager.

Thanks, that’s a great idea! I never knew that.

Because she distributes so little damage it means that ronin can use it as a stagger mechanic

Yeah and proc halo krieger kiyoshi

That was on her own team right? That’s kinda the only downside. If i’ve read it correctly then only kriegers ability shouldn’t work since it’s when an ally uses an active damaging ability. Wish that would either be changed into true or have the effect removed

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