I have an idea and I'm not demanding!

Ok so we been fighting kurtz for a long time and I feel like he should be a character we can actually play as because for example operator,we fought him and he’s a playable character and the other klg bad guys so I feel like kurtz himself should be a character,I mean we never saw the dude.but I would wonder how he looks like and to be honest I thought prophet was kurtz because of the big fight against him but at the end I was wrong lol
Also if you’re wondering why I’m posting the same topic is because this dude said the whole I DEMAND KURTZ in my title wasn’t part of the topic even though none of the hothead creators would actually do what I say but whatever and when ever I’m gonna do something like that again I’ll just put (not actually demanding) and yeah
Thanks for dropping by and see ya later

Also if you feel we should continue to push forward and continue to fight hurts then leave a comment and do not reply anything else because I do not feel like re-typing

I like the idea. One of his skills could be a boost for all the KLG members on the team (KLG, KLG irregulars, KLG black ops) like Colonel Wesson does with UAF.

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