I demand kurtz to be an actual character(not actually demanding)

I mean come on guys we been fight Kurtz for a really long time and I feel it’s time to have a new enemy or a new story line because I’m bored of having to defeat his annoying troops and to be honest I thought Prophet was Kurtz (don’t ask me why) and I felt like that was the end of campaign but nope I was wrong and more missions came out.The only mission that was awesome was 12-12 the last mission were colonel welleson brought some UAF airborne heroes with him and we all started fight together in destroying this huge robot
But back to what I was saying please add Kurtz I really am interested in what he looks like and what skills does he or she have
I dunno but if you a different opinion or disagree
Feel free to comment them and I’ll be glad to see and reply


lol what. This is “Feedback & Ideas” and demanding anything doesn’t sound like either of those.

You will discover more information about Kurtz in the not so distant future.


are you trying to troll us by making us wait so long
also are you going to make kurtz unlockable

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