I'm mistaken or it is possible?

I mostly play on auto (not a perfect idea) for daily quest’s, I faced a lot of team’s including Dog, Kuno and Ronin team’s and won most of them.

Then this happened, match was over in 50 seconds, but that’s not the point, I lost my Iffrit in 5 seconds, even Ronin couldn’t finish my Iffrit in 5 seconds. How it is possible?
Is Nightingale can kill a bio hero with 300K health in 5 seconds and we haven’t realized yet? Or who?

Havent personally played pvp in a while myself, but it might be nightingales mark. Everyone including nightingale gets 15% crit boost, and nightingale already does high damage, so maybe you were super unlucky. Even if he survived a elemental boosted critical headshot, there is still the rest of the team gunning him down.

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Maybe you were super unlucky and they all focused Ifrit right at the beginning.


Nightingale mark skill can’t charge that fast to mark my hero in the very beginning of the match.

I guess it is right or it maybe a glitch or …

you don’t even know her skill well lmao. she could have crit you and gotten extra damage for her 2nd shot with her Gold and killed you with another crit shot with that charged shot. Both shots could also be head shots.

This happened to me as well. HHG needs to do something about balancing pvp; it’s starting to get boring, as the high power guys, with Ronin on steroids, will always win.

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I absolutely hate it when that happens as if everyone focuses on you you die almost instantly, but your allies don’t do that (or very rarely) so…

Let’s not necro old posts.