Nightingales new skin Heals too fast

Nightingale and her new skin
it’s allowing her to heal herself and her team every 3 to 4 seconds Basically every two shots give or take
There’s no healer that comes close to that speed
Nightingale skill was fine before when she could just heal one
but now she can heal the whole team and her self every two shots
Also delivering more life than she did before

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And you are complaining?

I was commenting because she makes a team unbeatable
just as panzer One shot Insta kill at the beginning of a match does
if Nightingale is healing the team and herself that fast
Every 2 to 3 seconds your damages on her as well as all heroes equal zero
Until they put some controls on mandrake it used to be like that with him now he’s defeatable not just an invincible tank that allows characters to go invisible and heal themselves
You could defeat Nightingale before but now with this new skin ability
her health extended as well as her healing abilities are extended
if you’ve experienced what I’ve been coming across teams with Panzer mandrake Nightingale etc… all in the lineup
You’d understand what I’m saying
I’m 100% with enjoying the game if you look at today’s event brawls the top 10 alliances that are ranked all have Panzier platinum 8 to 10*no wonder Number one has 53+ million points in PVP tournament that just started seven hours ago you only have a limited amount of characters in this brawl so you can’t go on forever
and less you have a way to basically bypass the system and cheat
A.k.a. Nightingale and her new skin and panzer Instant death when the match starts
The point of this game is to get your hero stronger
high-level gaming for the last month has sucked because panzer and nightingale new skin allows players to exploit the game
it’s takes away the competition
And just for reference keels scavenger skill before they fixed it was crazy
it would instantly turn on her healing affect even though it was already active
from cover being destroyed before
I’m stating that nightingale with this new skin Equals endless health supply
All other heroes take fair amount of time before their healing skill is ready and the same amount of time in most cases to recharge

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I don’t think it charges that fast. Did you try it yourself or play against a Nightingale? Was she Platinum?

The charge is just as fast with or without nightingales new skin
the difference is she heals herself and her team
Nightingale without the new skin isn’t that difficult but they Increased it so she heals team life back even more then her previous single healing of one team member
As well as healing her self
Nightingales new skin adds an increase to her health
Use Nightingale at the start of the match put two shots on a tank hero because they stand the longest and she has full charge of her heeling skill Been this way since the beginning of the game try it

Played against Nightingale with the new skin also tested this myself I truly feel invincible With the rate she heals and recharges
Every time you hit the enemy your skill charges faster
two shots of Nightingale that make contact
she has instants healing ability For herself and whole team
she’s a one-shot reload so it’s not hard for this to work

Panzer 1 shots her…


Sorry won’t work tried it and seen it in action Panzer Puts a dent in nightingale with her new skin she still has 33% of her life

That’s a worthless Panzer. Panzer can take down much stronger heroes than glassy Nightingale in one shot. You even said in another thread that Panzer took down your Dogface instantly and he has much more health than Nightingale.
I also played a duel now against a guy using Nightingale’s skin and it’s definitely not a 2-3 second recharge, I think you are exaggerating this.
However her Platinum skill triggers once someone drops below 80% health so she’s basically constantly doing healing but not in way that makes her OP or anything.


Not surprising, Night is the fastest healer in the game. Just that her new skin makes her more viable as in the past if was just a single target healing. Skin makes her team heal.

You really need to learn to prioritise target.

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When you say tried to one shot her, are you doing it in Free Play? The brawl has no elemental bonus.

Part of the Problem with any team heal in this game, is that the AI doesn’t seem to focus a target and swaps around at random. They are basically wasting attacks, if the healer isn’t killed, or you don’t clean up after them. Part of why Mandrake is so good, the few times the AI would finish a character off, they are forced to swap targets.

She does seem to recharge it pretty fast, but it doesn’t do as much as say Moss’ heal. Still though, maybe a second or 2 wouldn’t hurt it much, and wouldn’t be bad, since like you said it heals her too.

playing against somebody using Nightingale with new skin doesn’t give you an understanding of actually using Nightingale and the new skin And remember the skin has to be fully upgraded
so if you have Nightingale with skin maxed out platinum try and give me a response
Nightingales heel charges almost instantly within two contacted shots on a heros
nightingales one shot reload One shot reload heel ability available
Shots that hit Cover it won’t charge as fast
If I control the hero it charges faster
She was easily dispatched before the skin the skin adds more health to her Overall and now she heals her self and her team and distributes more heath than she did before
she has the fastest heel charge in the game
She wasn’t as powerful before so I assume that’s why most people aren’t say anything about
Nightingales new skin most people don’t have it hard to come by so a lot haven’t Felthow powerful she is now

Food for thought why comment in the thread if you haven’t tried it yourself you just going to say things without actually having proof
My comments are strictly on personal experience I have better things to do than make things up on a forum it’s called a life
people that make comments like that without actually checking facts
their the freemium players they don’t actually spend money
Nothing personal just observation

I don’t really like the idea of skins giving bonuses at all but I can live with the small stat bumps as they don’t effect game play too much. Gale’s new skill though does seem to be a bit much. If they are going to make skins change skills it should be more of a decision-making process to use the new skill rather than being a no-brainer. They ought to make the instant heal for the entire team like 50% of what single target is, both the initial burst as well as the healing per second, especially since she can now heal herself.

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Forefingers understand what were saying she needs adjustment people aren’t running into her with her new skin because it’s not the easiest thing to get but once there’s more of them everybody will be experiencing the same thing I am

My personal experience is that it doesn’t take 2 seconds for Nightingale to fully charge her skill. She can barely reload her rifle in 2 seconds. Maybe it takes 10 to charge the skill if you’re successful but often more. Almost any (mech) hero can take her out 10 seconds, it’s always recommended to put out the healers first. If she still manages to activate a healing skill - fine, no one else is hurt much enough for the healing to have any game changing effect that early in.

Her skin + new skill took her from a low-mid tier character to a mid tier one. She is still very fragile and she doesn’t have any direct damaging skill - so I say let her have this group heal. I play against her in her skin all the time and she’s not near the trouble of a Panzer or platinum Halo or Dogface or Oracle or even dudes like Mandrake or Mauler… And several others. Why is that? Because I know she’s fragile and I know I don’t want healers still alive at the end of the match.

Once again someone speaking without experience Nightingale with her new skin is not dispatched as fast as you think you obviously don’t have her with upgraded skin or experience this
go try the pvp brawls and see what happens It’s the easiest way to show you how this works pay attention when you go up against Nightingale with a fully upgraded skin watch how fast she hills herself as well as team
And I want to state this again Nightingale skill to heal is as well as all heroes is faster when you control the character and when your bullets hit the character if you’re hitting cover Or missing
your skill doesn’t charges as fast
two contact shots at the beginning of the match from her rifle charges her skillfully this is fact

I have experience. Why do you say I don’t have? It’s nearly insulting to me.
My experience is playing against her, 10+ times per day.
I also have a Nightingale myself at Platinum, but without the skin. Her healing ability has the same charging rate with / without the skin (tested with friends just an hour ago) and it’s not 2 seconds.
She’s an easy target. If she is trouble for you then try taking her out right away - she will die and problem solved. Of course a healer is gonna give you a bad time if you let her live…?

I have played the ongoing brawls. Panzer is bad! But Nightingale doesn’t mean much trouble even with her skin on. I’m aiming for a top 1000 which is about what my limited time allows for any PVP brawl or tournament and it looks like I’m gonna make it with ease even despite that Panzer is a maniac out there.

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Nightingale’s legendary skill charges at the same rate as her default skill.

It also heals each target for less than her regular heal, and a larger percentage of that heal is dist ributed as a Heal Over Time.


But she get’s 4% more heal with the skin so it brings her group heal up a bit? Even having Healing Wave be 20k lower with the initial heal and 350 less per tick after (or 2115~ less after all ticks) isn’t much of a downside when it heals all 5 heroes vs just one (this is based on 7* gold Night)

Healing one person with Heal Pulse gives a max heal of 79,508. Healing even two people with her Heal Wave heals a max of 59,169 per hero, or 118,338 for two heroes (38,830 more than Heal Pulse). At max Healing Wave heals 295,845!