(IMDED) A Beautiful Death is Recruiting(Again!)

We are a very active Alliance, we strive to do better, each and everyday. We have a team of great Officers willing to help and a pretty active alliance chat for any tips, help or suggestions, or if you feel the need to show off some heroes!

We are very competitive when it comes to big Alliance events such as Bounty Weekends, Pvp Alliance events and the latest and greatest… Patrols. every one of our Members in our current roster shares their co op raids with the Alliance daily and we would ask the same of new Recruits also. We try are best to make sure no one is left behind when new Heroes come out also!

We are in search of potential members that are willing to talk in chat(not all the time, but at least to voice opinions and share raids) and can put up a minimum of 200 million in Bounties. If you can do those things send me a pm in game or send in an Application today!

Entry Requirements are:
Team Level:60
Power Level: soft 100,000, if you are willing to put forth the effort we will let those with lower power levels in on a probationary period.
Participation: is a must in every alliance event, minimum effort in multiple events results in removal.
Active: 3-days no log is automatic removal, regardless of title and effort, unless an Officer is notified prior.

We are a family, we help each other out to further our own personal goals, and if we should fall, we will fall together, and that would be “A Beautiful Death”

Alliance Name: A Beautiful Death

We still are accepting!, get in here!, we have 16 members currently with over 4.2 million total power!