Important Note About Image and Art Posting


One of the best parts of our job as developers is seeing all of the wonderful concepts and creations that our work inspires. Members of the Hero Hunters community have done a great job showing their support by coming up with their own Hero concepts and posting them in our Community Gallery.

However, you need to make sure that any art and images you post are correctly credited and sourced. A lot of the concepts we see, while original, feature visual inspiration images that are directly lifted from other artist’s websites and, in some cases, other copyrighted works. We need to ensure we’re protecting the intellectual property of the creators of these images whenever possible.

Starting today, we’ll be asking the community to adhere to these guidelines as much as possible.

1) Source the Work

If you post an image that you didn’t create, find out who did create it, and source it. This can be done by providing a link to the original website it appeared on (not the Google image search link you got it from) and naming the artist/entity that created and owns the artwork. If it’s fan art, you’ll need to source the artist and, where applicable, note who owns the character.

Example: If you’re posting fanart of Predator, you’ll need to link to the artist and name them, and also note that Predator is owned by 20th Century Studios.

2) If You Can’t Source It, Be Reasonable

Mention that you do not own this work and that it’s not your art directly beneath the posted image. Don’t be lazy! If an artist took the time to create artwork for you to enjoy, you can take the time to find who they were and give them credit. We’ll cut you a break if you really can’t find the source, so long as you provide the above disclaimer, but don’t abuse the system, or you may no longer be allowed to post images or Hero concepts on the forums.

3) Changes Don’t Grant Ownership

If you take fanart of Predator and color his claws neon green, you haven’t created a new piece of art that you own. You still need to credit the artist. If you trace the image and create a whole new work, that’s debatable. If you use the artist’s work as a reference and create something unique, that’s allowed. But be warned that ten minutes in Photoshop doesn’t provide a loophole.

The goal is to ensure hard-working artists get their due. We want to continue to support your creativity, and we understand that not everyone is a skilled artist, but we need to be fair to the artists as well.

Thanks for your understanding! We look forward to seeing what kind of fan-made Hero concepts you come up with in the future!


So, my question is, what exactly can you guys take from the concepts, because I would love to be able to help for inspiration, I have an original concept coming up soon that I made with the help of godlante, it has a faction, and litteraly every information you need for a hero, even an own complete backstory for the hero card, I’m also trying to make original art for it, so it would be cool if it maybe could give you guys some inspiration

We don’t take anything. Our Hero concepts are prepared up to half a year or more in advance. If you see something about a Hero that you think is from one of your concepts, it’s entirely coincidental. Creating their own Hero concepts is just a fun thing for players to do. We don’t use them for inspiration, other than the warm, fuzzy feeling we get from knowing our fans are invested.


Alright, still it would be very cool ofcourse, sadly there isn’t a way to make it happen, because I know you guys would probably love to take concepts but just can’t

Or… like @Muninn said, they have a plan and are executing their plan

Wait what? What you mean?

I appreciate this because I am an artist. And I always thought people made these photos. Than you find out they didn’t and it becomes disappointing. I think it’s a wonderful thing to put the artist name and give credit. I know there’s loopholes to make it your own. But I know a lot have not yet master the skill. I’m always confused what they did. I would love to see what people put as a concept but also with some original work. Maybe mention who they were inspired with. I do find it sad that they’ll never see their hero in the game. I think some are under false presumption That maybe one day their hero will be in the game or part of the idea. There are a lot of great concepts. I would like to see in the game too. Maybe we should have more collaborators than the two we had. It’s exciting and everything. They enjoyed their time. We liked how it was fresh and different.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’ll be sure to pass them on to the team. I would like to run more Community Collaborator content, but it needs to be the right time. I want this to be a particularly special thing, should we ever do it again.


Your very welcome :slight_smile: maybe after all this craziness we can have something.