I don’t see the point in the hero concepts

I find these musings over hero concepts just a waste of time and never read them. I’m interested in knowing who reads them and why?
I am guessing if it’s because people just have a lot of free time. Why not put that free time to constructive use: Send in audio recordings which can be used for the voices of future heroes.

Hmmmm, you can’t do that either because HHG will not be able to use them just as they do not and will not use player created ideas and drawings. From what I understand at least part of the reason is to minimise the risk of passing off / intellectual property infringement lawsuits.

Given that the devs have mentioned many times that they will not use fan art and fan content (and any heroes and artwork that happen to resemble released heroes are coincidental and have been worked on way before the fan submitted content), I guess the contributors just want to do it for the community.


I don’t mind the Hero concepts… if it weren’t for them appearing daily and made by the same guy.


TIL some people play with the volume on.

On a more related note; user-submitted voices can’t be used for the same reason hero concepts can’t be used. There’s a myriad of legal complications associated with profiting through the work of others, which prevents any sort of direct contribution from the community.

I don’t generally read them either, but why does it bother you that some people choose to exercise some creative expression? Player concepts can provide new and fresh ideas for devs that can draw from external ideas. While I don’t really care for them personally, I also understand that they provide creative value and are a great way for the community to stay engaged.


Yeah even after outright proclamation by the staff that they won’t use them those stuff still keep popping up. I agree. They have too much time on their hands. Maybe they are creative types that like doing such things. Maybe they are kids. Regardless, what they do with their time is none of my concern.

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Do you feel that the concepts themselves are a waste of time or is it the fact that it’s been made by one specific person and it appears all the time. Personally hero concepts are fun to make and see if it does appear once in a while, but everyday seeing it appearing like notifications, it does get a little annoying.

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Some of you must lead some very boring lives if you feel the need to talk down to people for creative expression. It’s not my kinda thing either, but sheesh, you might as well slap a sketchbook out of an aspiring artist’s hands for not already being on the level of Da Vinci.


We value all players who take the time to create content that celebrates our games. It’s the dream of any game developer. If it brings them joy, writing up concepts for Heroes they wish existed, then I’ll happily keep showing them to the development team as proof that we have the best community out there.


I love reading the hero concepts that our players make up. It shows how much they are actually invested in our game and universe. It takes guts to spill your heart into something that you love knowing that not everyone will see the point or like what you do.
It seriously is probably one of the best parts of my day here is taking a break and reading the new concepts.


I love reading the Hero concepts! I think it’s a game developer’s dream to see that their work inspires other people to create and engage in their universe.


Hero concepts can be cool and potentially provide great ideas for the developers (though they won’t use them) and it’s also fun showing everyone your creativity.
But the fact that its mostly the same people coming up with these things does make it a bit tiresome

It might be the same people making them, which is why I tried to keep mine as unique, detailed, and rare as possible. And yes, the seemingly pointless reason for making them might warrant a more productive use of time. They’re fun all the same, and a hobby for hobby’s sake.

I’ve actually wondered if fan skin ideas are still accepted. Back in ye olden days, the player Poobgloob gave two skin ideas that were implemented into the game for holiday events, so I’m curious if HHG would still consider that option today. :thinking:


Ur referring to the Halloween skins or Xmas ones? That Poobgloob did.

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I see. I thought they could get around the legalities by using a simple release form like other creative industries use. Oh well. It “seemed” like a good idea.

Thanks for sharing that Skathi. I never thought of it from the dev’s perspective. That is so cool. :slight_smile:

I am! @sss And I’m pretty sure he/she doesn’t work for HHG either.

i think concept art is nice to see. you get to see what was and how it came to be.

It’s not my fault if I have so much fantasy.


That’s so lovely to hear, but why can’t you guys make like a contract so you do can use them, because it’s OUR dream to have them published

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