Introductions and Forum Updates!

We hope you’re enjoying the hunt!

We want to take a moment to introduce ourselves while addressing some changes and updates that will be coming to the Forum!

We’re Howitzer & Bomb Bella– Hunters who’ll share the latest news and upcoming content to keep you all up to date with what’s in the future for Hero Hunters! Sharing and caring is a big deal for us. So we’ll be here, on the Forums to often listen, observe, and make sure your voices are included. Don’t worry, the same old faces will still be poking around and chatting with you guys. Long live Rook & Huginn!

We’d like to shed light on the changes and updates the Forum will experience over the next few weeks.

As we’re now globally available on the App Store and Google Play Store, you will see many new Hunters in the game! However, you might have noticed we turned off the Forum button in the game. This is a temporary change, to help foster the community in the Forums before we release it to the whole Hero Hunters Community.


  • Howitzer and Bomb Bella will be continuing to spice-up and improve the Forum experience for everyone!
  • News & Announcements - This section will stay the same. It will be the place to go for what’s coming up, what’s new, and other Hero Hunters announcements.
  • Feedback & Ideas / General Discussion - These sections will also be staying the same for the most part. We will be looking to create future Developer threads to share our vision, thoughts, and ideas with you all.


Issue Reporting Section

  • We will be retiring the Issue Reporting Section in the Forum.
  • We will be turning off this section at 12PM PST on Friday, February 2nd.
  • In lieu of turning off the Issue Reporting Section, we want to encourage everyone to use the in-game Help button in the Options menu to open up Support Tickets if you are having issues.
  • In doing so, our Support Team can help you and gather a lot more information than we ever could using the forums.
  • Please see the section below for more details on that!

Player Support

There are some topics that should be directed to our Player Support team through the Hero Hunters app.

Types of issues that should be directly reported to Player Support:

  • Bug reports
  • Tech support requests
  • Purchase issues or concerns
  • Account issues
  • Tapjoy queries

If your post is related to the above issues, it will be closed, and you’ll be directed to our Player Support team. These kinds of issues must go through our Support Team, as they will have the appropriate tools to help investigate and resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide assistance in our public forum or through private message for security reasons.

To contact Player Support:

  • Tap on your character Profile image within Hero Hunters
  • Tap on Support
  • Tap on Help
  • Look through the FAQ list to see if there is any more information or instructions regarding your issue
  • If the issue isn’t resolved by an FAQ, tap Contact Us*

*If Contact Us doesn’t appear, click on any FAQ, and say No when asked if this FAQ was helpful or not.


Having said all that, we are very excited to continue engaging with our Community and make Hero Hunters the best game we can. Can’t wait to show you what we have planned!

Happy Hunting,


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You need to get rid of the feedback button or rename it to “Rate Us” or something similar. That button is a magnet for messages, and since they don’t get answered players will just assume HHG doesn’t care and quit the game.

I understand you want to streamline the issue reporting process, but having a forum for it was useful because it let others know that it wasn’t just them. And let’s face it, the Help is not terribly useful and needs to be updated.

Will you have 24/7 support now? Will I still have to wait 3 days when I’m having an issue on Friday night?

Hey @Jansen,

Thanks for the note on the feedback button! In a later release, we will be looking at the organization and layout of the help screen which will hopefully improve that experience and make it easier for players to reach out to Support.

You’ll be glad to know that our Support team is on 24/7, responding to players and monitoring the game. So if an issue does crop up that needs the development teams attention, we will be notified right away!

Thanks for the message!

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