Support ticket

Why is it always the same message what I get if I report a bug or if I have a problem
Its like I always get a bot that sent a message to me al the time if I explain my problem they just answer with a weird answer that have nothing to do with my problem
That I need to provide with a schreenshot and some info that I already sent
I think the support suppose to be a person that I can talk with not a stupit bot that gives me weird answers
Anyone else experience things like this or am I the only one

its the general auto reply. every place that has a support ticket system has one. its just a standard thing they have due to the hundreds if not thousand tickets they get. once the support team has a chance, they look into it and stuff. all you can do is wait for a fix, but at least you get a reply afterwards from an actual person.

We have 750 auto replies in the place I work!

I feel your pain lol but I was pleasantly surprised with this last support ticket I put in a few days ago regarding my alliance not getting notifications when someone new joins, or someone leaves and ect. They had the aggravating problem that’s been going on for at least a couple weeks or longer fixed for us within 2 or 3 days of submitting it. And they do follow up with you with a real person, just auto replies initially as everyone has mentioned. Hope whatever problem your having gets resolved for you quickly! :slightly_smiling_face:

Its fine if the first message they sent is an auto reply but after a couple message I hope to get an person but still got the weird answers that make no sense
And some problems I sent a ticket about are still in the game its really frustrating when you get auto replies and don’t see any improvement on the problem or bug

I know the support team, and can personally guarantee that they’re real people.

Think about it. Sending you a pre-written response, designed to efficiently gather information or address a problem, saves time. If they weren’t doing that, and hand-writing every response, you wouldn’t have even gotten a reply to your issue. You would hear from them in about two weeks.

I think it’s better to get some response, even if it isn’t as heartfelt and personalized as one might like, than hear nothing and panic over a problem you’re experiencing and feel like you’re not being heard at all. Trust that it’s a person who sends those messages, as Hero Hunters does not have any automated support beyond the initial auto-responder that tell you an agent will be with you soon.

And as another reminder: bugs aren’t instant-solve things. They take time and investigation, and correct implementation of the fix. I trust everyone can appreciate that rushing a fix could have catastrophic consequences.


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As easy as it is to get aggravated and post something that you shouldn’t post. I’ll have to agree with @Muninn that in the long run it isn’t helpful and won’t get you anywhere!giphy

Some need to chill more


I have been banned for a really long time amd i want to know how long until im unbanned again i really need to be unbanned becuase my allaince gettimng mad i cant reply to them i camt ask the support people becuase they took me off the surpport desk

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