Is Copy/Paste in Chat Finally Coming?

Wouldn’t it be great if we got this message?:

“SURPRISE! One of the BIGGEST updates is coming and it will finally include one of the most sought-after features that has ever been requested of Hero Hunters: Copy and Paste from chat!”

Wouldn’t that be an amazing update? Wouldn’t it be amazing if this seemingly VERY simple feature could be added? Wouldn’t it be amazing? Wouldn’t it? Guys?


Just type messages in your notepad before sending them in game if you need to send the same message to multiple people

this feels soo discouraging. i feel bad.

It comes down to time and priorities, but I do have it on my list of things I would like us do to. Can’t promise anything, as it’s nowhere near guaranteed to happen, but we’ve heard you.


Hmm, It will be useful for Devs also, imo.
I.e like our former Dev who usually actives in vip chat, while some ppl keep asking the same frequently.
Unless they’ve made their QnA drafts on their notes.

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