Language Barriers (LBs)

Hi, Hunters!

It’s been a while since this topic has been touched upon, but in my humble opinion it still needs addressed.

Last time LBs were brought up was about a year or so ago, and You guys, “The Developers,” ended it by instructing us “The Players,” to use Google Translate instead of actually attempting to put translation abilities into Hero Hunters itself.

That would work, However, You cannot cut & paste from any Hero Hunters in-game chats (at least when using Android idk about iPhone)

I do believe that option alone would solve LBs. At the very least you’d be able to copy exactly what they actually typed from any game chats an then paste it right into Google Translate or whatever translation app we choose to use.

Let’s face it, not everyone can understand Russian, Japanese or Afrikaans keyboards. (No offense to any other languages, I just picked three out of the air.)

I’ve enjoyed this game for over 3.5 years now! I’ve come across Good Players in pvp & when I went to chat with them, they would type back in languages I didn’t recognize ,& Since we were unable to communicate accurately it brought a damper down upon the game.

I’d really love to see in any one of the many upcoming updates either the ability to cut & paste from game chats or you guys just go for pure awesomeness & put an in-game Translator!

I’d love to invite everyone’s thoughts, ideas, pros & cons

Thanks a bunch


totally agree, would be nice to at least let us copy and paste

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