Is Heimlock's Sterilize working correctly?

I never noticed any healing coming from his Sterilize, no matter how many debuffs he cleanses. I just had a PvP match, used Sterilize cleansing 3 debuffs, but the match ended before I could use Chemic Bath. Heimlock cleansed 3 debbufs, so he should have healed himself for 60k hp. At the end of the match, he had 0 healing score.

Also, the skill gets ready before it is actually ready. If you press on the icon the bar starts loading for a split second, disappears and does nothing. After one sec or so of tapping the button over and over, he finally starts casting it correctly. I only noticed this with Heimlock, but could happen with others

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As a note; Self healing and over-healing are not included in the post-match summary graphs. Damage Taken is already counting any Health recovered through self healing.

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Oh, that would explain that. But I should have noticed an increase on the HP bar with a 60k heal, which I didn’t. Could be my fault, maybe I missed it, but maybe it’s worth checking. Thanks for the quick answer, tho :slight_smile:

@Omnipotent excuse me for reopening this topic, but I’ve noticed healing in the post-match graphs coming from Maven (self-heal) and Yanlong (self-heal). I don’t want to question you, but… are you sure self healing is not included? If it should not be included, I think it is bugged (at least those two heroes)

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