Is the Gauntlet gem doubler a jape?

I may not be aware of some calculations going on here but I think the Gauntlet doubler doesn’t actually double the gems as I thought it would. It may be because I use the quick-win option for the Gauntlet reset, so here it is:

As you can see, I receive 3500 Gauntlet gems upon the quick-win and I do so with the Gauntlet doubler active.

However, as seen here, I only receive a bonus of 1500 gems, which is about the original amount of gems I would have received in the game prior to the game’s current build.

The doubler claims to double the next 4000 gems I receive. If that was true, I should have received around 7000 gems since the quick-win reset gave me 3500 gems. Am I missing something here, something I have misinterpreted about the doubler? Am I being japed?

You should get in touch with player support. They can investigate what might be going on. We can’t view your account logs and history through the forum, and can’t provide live support for privacy and security reasons. Your best bet is to contact them directly. Thanks!