Resource Doublers

Which doublers are worth it??
I face acute shortage of skins.
I still have only 9 of them

its a matter of personal preference really. Most ppl will tell you that alliance gem doublers are the best and I won’t rush to disagree with that. Me, personally, I play at least 200 rounds of pvp a day so I’m more partial to the pvp doublers as its the best way to get frags and heronium imo. The sooner you max out as many heroes as possible thru the pvp store, the sooner you will get heronium from hero crates. For example, the other day I bought the 40 snaps crates and a huge percentage of that was heronium for 7 star heroes 5 star heroes etc. If you’re trying to bar ppl up for bounty and wars and all around effectiveness alliance gems is the way to go. Also, if theres someone in the gauntlet store and you’re 900 frags away from 10 starring I would say get the gaunlet dblr and just keep resetting the store. Also, this helps when you’re short on gold gear like the gold stars or gold cybernetic hand frags. Cash doublers are overpriced imo given that cash is readily available pretty much anywhere (trade gold, use 50 gold for lvl 6/7 of gauntlet, usually events offer cash as rewards, etc).

Basically, if you have the gold available and your play style is anything like mine, you should always have an alliance gem doubler and a pvp gem doubler active and perhaps use the other two when you absolutely have to.

yea everyone is different like myself i used the cash ones so i could evolve my hero’s faster not needing as much money

Depends on what you’re in the market for. Some players need Cash while others need Alliance, PvP, or Gauntlet gems for their respective upgrade needs.

I tend to see Gauntlet doublers as being the least necessary, considering obtaining those gems is the easiest to do out of all the currencies. Cash or Alliance doublers are a good investment.

Personal preference, but I’d say cash is the best option. You’ll hit a point where you need lots of cash for all the upgrades and now with the skin+ those take a lot of cash too. Next thing you know, you are poor and are stuck until you get more but that then goes fast. which is asad thing since I’m in that boat. I did a lot of upgrades recently

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Thank you guys.
I don’t face cash shortage till date but will surely give it a look.
PvP gems are plenty with around 100k and I can’t spend them. When I face it’s shortage then it a the time for doublers
Gauntlet,yeah,we get gears there. So I will try that too

Once again thank you so much guys

The necessity of massive cash applied if u want to grind ruby skills, it cost twice other than plat/gold/silver/bronze skills…
And not like other skill such as gold when u start to increase the skill from lvl 41, ruby skill starts at lvl 1…

Bought after reading @TrialZee post.
Platinum is already a hard time so preparing for Ruby is my best bet

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