Is there any post about the biography of all the heroes?

I would like to know about all heores, names , story all that stuff, hope an admin see this post!!!
Pd. How about bunny suit for all the female heroes? :wink:

If you’re asking for a lorebook, then no nothing has been made yet. I did consider doing it but it was taking too much time and the devs don’t like sharing too much info at once :joy:

Dammn, just the info of new heroes, well I guess I can wait until they want to do it :frowning:

Yup, doing such big projects is a something but mostly it can be deeply buried underneath the other ones, on the bunny suit thing I agree but not to much has to be shown

I do have a list describing every hero, it might look a little bit the same as in the game but it’s an guide for the people that wanted it

I did attempt to make a fan story. There also was @Vintermyst who made 4 part story and @Mxeno_skorpion who made a story up on Wattpad.

The lore behind every champion though has not been made and to be honest, thinking a short story for more than 40 will be exhausting. It would be nice to have some regarding it though, wouldn’t it?

Like resident evil (bio hazard), when we gonna see a hero hunter movie?

The biggest thing with fan stories is that you can’t add too many characters at once without it becoming convoluted. My fan stories (Shiloh Transmissions) revolve around one of my first hero concepts, only adding in a few external heroes per chapter. This helps to keep the reader engaged in the story.

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