A New Fanfiction Soon

HI guys, Spyro here.
I am in the middle of creating one new fanfic about Hero Hunters.
People were disappointed due to Mxeno not posting new content anymore, but I would like to include YOU in the story. Not like what Mxeno did, using your username. I have an alternative.
Due to new hero concepts popping up more and more, I like to invite you guys all to have a chance to be added! Might sound boring, but I would like to try this new way.

So here’s how it works:

  • Any person which had created at least one hero concept can use it to apply yourself in.
  • If you have none, post your hero concept here in this post.
  • Your concepts do not require skills and abilities but do require a backstory. Your backstory will be judged by:
  • Creativity
  • The relation with the current Hero Hunters storyline

I will choose the 12 best hero concepts. I will be not judging myself. I would like to ask 4 community stars:

  • Poobgloob
  • Vintermyst
  • (Would PapaMarsh count?) A free spot open.

Thanks for reaching to the end. This will last until the 29th of February. I keep my promise of keeping the story updated.

SPYRO :wink:


Whats up with everyone wanting to start a new story? Did I spark everyones minds, either way I wish you best of luck mate

I like the idea. Don’t be afraid to extend the invitation to anyone who would be interested. :wink:

damn, I start in disadvantage.
I create heroes, not Backstories.

Yea I have developed one

If ya ever need help I can always help, send me a link to it and ill be a reader

You could always add a backstory to your current heroes. It is not forbidden to use your old concepts but if you want to vamp them up, then fine.

no, no, no, I wanna put a backstory in my heroes, but I don’t know what story i can create for them.

Finally, something i can join. Check this out:
My Hero Concept (Bonnie)
I’m gonna go ahead and start a story off kinda from where I originally started.

So, Kurtz stole the original design blueprints of Clyde* from the Magistrates, but named it Bonnie, with his reasoning being that he saw the true potential of the robot better than anyone else (which makes sense, because Clyde has a high potential damage output with his skills in the game). The Magistrates weren’t just going to sit around and let this happen, though; they were ready to start a war to retrieve their blueprints back. Kurtz feared their destructive power, (which also makes sense, I mean, look at the damage we do with Magistrates during the bounty event) and offered a deal with them in order to calm them down, as well as manipulate them to further his own cause. He promised that they would make them a similar design, but in return, they had to help him and his henchmen defeat the UAF forces in a soon-to-be week-long war. So, with Bonnie & Clyde fighting side by side (along with the synergy boosts created in my Hero Concepts post), they gave the UAF forces a fat ass whooping. The Magistrates eventually broke off from Kurtz, realizing that they were helping him to cause unnecessary conflict aross the world, and took Clyde with them to reside in the old City Hall, their current base to this day. Kurtz has locked Bonnie away for a while, planning to transform her with upgrades, but will she return? Let’s hope so (@HotHeadGames)
THE END :teddy_bear:

If you actually read all of that, thank you. I been working on it for a while in my head, so I appreciate you taking the time.

*Also to clarify, in my story, Clyde technically was created after Bonnie.

                 If a developer is reading this, Hi.
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Officially, Shiloh is my main character, however Afterburn and Myst and Resin are my other concepts which I enjoy.

I’m also considering adding another character concept soon, depending on whether there’s a good skillset and identity that can go with her. Thinking about it.

I suggested a hero concept almost 10 months ago that I would like to stick with and include in the story :wink:

Prion, Origin of Affliction

*Too much radiation exposure*

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So do you want Shiloh to represent you or do you want someone else?

I’ll do Shiloh as my character

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May I remind everyone there is 7 more days to apply your entries. 29th of February will be the closing date. If not everyone who posted an entry here will all have secured a spot at the story.
Or was the hero concepts posted outside of this was your entry?

“A darkness you can’t escape. Not literal, metaphorical. Though metaphorical would become literal if you dare face me.”

Faction: UAF

Backstory: A fine creation of Surge, Void was created to protect the base from before the war. When the war broke out, Void rushed into the KLG fleet to protect the base. He succeeded but was lost in the fight.

Two decade later, Halloway and Oracle was scouting and they found a metal arm poking out of a rockslide near the outlands. They dug it out and found Void, badly damaged, and they brought the bot back to their base. They spent months trying to recover the damaged Void. They also vamped him up, added two extra hidden limbs to combat with multiple enemies melee, wings to chase sentry planes and added Artificial Intelligence in his CPU. Void was grateful for saving his life and devotes to protect and help the UAF in any way, shape or form.

Once they had to infiltrate into KLG’s base, 2 years before the war, Ryker’s team was in a heated crossfire between Steele, a former UAF member, and Caine, a skilled armorsmith. Colonel Wesson sent the newly developed Void into battle to help, and he kicked ass. Steele’s bullets couldn’t penetrate is armor and Caine’s extra armor for himself and Steele was no match for is sharp blades. For the first time, Kurtz had to send in a lot more men to fight only one target. More and more soldiers came, more and more fell beneath Void. The void of death covered the battlefield, bombardments of bullets at him, Steele’s steel punches and with support from Kurtz’s best ninjas, Odachi and Hideo, were no match for Void and support from Ryker’s team. Finally, Kurtz accepted defeat and returned his remaining army, not risking to lose more. There, Void’s name is remembered far and wide with the saying “Be careful, or the Void might devour you.”

This is for the application for the story, skills will be made soon

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Nice hero there @HecklerP tho this hero might be op due to you saying

I must say, great effort in the backstory

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ok Spyro, you can put Avalon in the rooster, I edited it a bit and I added a little backstory, if you want to read it’s all here under

There are 3 more days left to post your concepts up here. If you want to be in the story, please just put a character with a picture of the concept and his/her backstory. Thank you to everyone who had already posted one up.

There are 1(Depends where you are in the world) more days left to post your concepts up here. If you want to be in the story, please just put a character with a picture of the concept and his/her backstory. Thank you to everyone who had already posted one up.