Isn’t the point difference in this pvp event too much?

Please say this is not normal, there’s a whole 4000+ of point difference. Almost to 5000 points

I know that if your team has a hero that have higher power than your other hero’s it happens, but my team is around the same power level.

I’m not 100% sure but based on my limited experience, the higher your team power, the larger the potential gap between you and your opponents power.

Regardless, I’ve experienced these big gaps on occasion even when running a 15K power team. Just an hour ago I was matched against a 19K power team but I’d say 90% of the time the gaps are under 1K.

@Huginn I think it would be better if we had a possibility to reject the opponent with a higher power and keep waiting for another opponent. For example, when an opponent is found, prior to seeing the opponent’s team we could receive a message saying: “your opponent’s power is “power amount”, would you like to join the battlefield?”. And if I see that the power is about the same, I will join. If it’s much higher, I would reject and keep looking for.

You have a huge imbalance with your heroes, almost 2k in power. Try to even out your guys a bit.

Btw nice hero variations we have in pvp…can we get some buffs that actually make other heros usable? K thanks.

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I had to LOL at this because it’s the truth. Especially with that picture.

HAHAHA this is nothing! I’m level 31 and I was paired against a level 52 guy. Crazzzyyyyyy this PVP mechanic is broken.