PvP opponents matching system

Hi friends
i have played Hero Hunted for almost 200 days now. i simply love this game, but the recent update is killing me, literally.
The new PvP team matching system is off balance. it keeps on matching me with teams which have higher power, 10 out of 10. resulting that i could barely win 2 out of 10 matches, and it is killing my determination for the game.
please help.
thanks so much for your consideration.

Can you maybe post a screenshot of the team you use?

Easier to give directions, suggestions or to see if it’s just bad luck

Higher power doesn’t always mean a better team.
Usually, the matchmaking system tends to match you with players with larger gaps in power based on which heroes you put together. For example, playing a team of 2 platinums with 9 stars and 3 golds around 5 or 6 stars, you might get matched up against a team with 4 platinums with 7 stars and a gold. From a statistical standpoint, your teams may be evenly matched but them may have the higher power because of the increased ranks.

I’d try running teams where all 5 heroes are as close to the same stars and rank. There tends to be less of a gap in power and the winner tends to be the one with the better team comp.

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I think matchups have been really good recently as long as you’re using a balanced team. When I see a bad matchup, it’s usually because the lower powered team is using 1-2 very high powered hero with 3-4 lower heroes. People that use plat heroes and silver heroes together seem to get matched the worst.

Agree! I agree. But not many others will agree. :slight_smile:

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