January 2019 District: District 13 Teaser

:world_map: Check out the new District 13, coming soon Hunters!

Your search has been leading up to this big moment, hunt down Kurtz!


we can verses kurtz

Only thing noteworthy (for me) in the video is the final scene where Jarek charges and knocks Butter down. Didn’t spot any other major items. Apart from that the video seems to be just a preview of the D13 setting and scenery, which of course looks nice as usual :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope it’s as good as or even better than D12!

Ah yes, we finally get to see who this “Kurtz” is.

Mech element - calling it right now.

Unless they introduce a new element ??? Maybe?

I’d say the odds of that happening are slim-to-none. Three elements allows for a rock-paper-scissors relationship. Adding a fourth means you must choose one of two options. Either you have one unique element that is treated differently than the other three (terrible and lazy game design) or you have a “square” setup where each element is still strong to one other and weak to one other. This however leaves you with every element having a neutral opposite, which ends up being a little clunky from a design standpoint.

District 13: UAF Ambush Kurtz and surround him only to know that Kurtz is just a puppet controlled by another dark power(New Character/Hero) which they ll fight him in District 20 or 30


toooooooo long
pls no

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I want new districts, at least until we get a district set on snowy mountain slopes.

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This sounds very possible. As long as they can keep making content, they will keep the story moving along i bet.

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I see District 20 being the end of the story. We still have several factions that we haven’t yet, Shoreman and The Watch just to name a few. I kinda like the whole Kurtz is a puppet idea. It could overlap into not only “The End” of the world, but possibly as Kurtz’s boss could have started it knowing it would lead to a chain of domino effects, resulting in the various factions and people we have today.:man_shrugging:t4: