District 12

District 12 blew me away! The colors were so pretty and the story was great. Nice twists and great dialog. No spoilers but the last mission made me cheer for my team outloud! Amazing! Definitly renewed my love for this game

Keep em coming HHG!


I’m glad to see you enjoyed it. I think it’s by far the prettiest district we’ve come out with to date. The team really out did themselves


It’s fabulous.
I hope we can see a future district in snowy environment, like snowy mountain paths.

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District 12 is the best ever - great story development and setting. Noticed lots of little hidey holes for the Christmas scavenger hunt as well :slight_smile:

Great job team, roll on District 13 next!!

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Boring … just rammed tru with old heros. Should have made it Kobold required district.

Couldn’t agree with you more. The team did a great job on this. There’s only one thing that I wanted to point out. I totally blew through the metal detector on 12-4 without setting it off. You may want to advise the club owner to fix that so random armed commandos don’t steamroll the club unannounced. :joy:

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