Job posting as mod

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Why does not HH make it easy and makes a job posting for forum moderators. It would be a free voluntary job, these players get no benefits. They are just there to maintain the forum. I know some games where this job was offered and long-term players took over this role.

That would look something like this:

Age: at least 18
Has FB & Discord
Language: perfekt English, spoken and written,
so it can be players from other countries as long as you can perfect english
Since the World Release (or longer)
Daily activity (possibly more prerequisites)

There would be a test phase of 2-3 months, where the (new) mod has limited functions and later more if necessary

What does HH think of this idea?

As we said, we’re going to bring this up and discuss it. I mentioned this in the thread you’re referencing. Feel free to leave comments in that thread, but avoid posting duplicate topics. Please re-read the FAQ/Guidelines before you create another topic. Thanks!