Chat moderators

I think we need some people to manage the chat system.

Maybe a few mods will help or a voting system.

Some players spam nonsense, offending, annoying and etc things, a voting system could work to give players a 5 to 60 minute chat ban, or a moderator could help to mute those players for a little time. (Not saying the community should have the power to mute someone forever)

I also don’t need/want the power to ban a player from chat but a flagging system, or some chat mods would be nice.

Sometimes the chat is being flamed, or just players just not being nice to each others or new guys. maybe it’s an idea to let us flag, report or mute a player to let one of the hotheadgames guys know a player needs a review.

Not speaking of 1 curse word or a bad joke, but some guys really mess up the chat and the great vibe I get from this great community.

How do you think about this?


I’d suggest that in the meanwhile people take screenshots and send it to the powers that be. With enough reason that should prompt a response(although we might not know about it since things like this usually aren’t made public, but handled privately from the company’s side).

The VIP chat is a total mess. Out of all the perks of having VIP status, the VIP chat is the absolutely worst one.

I turned off the preview pane a over a month ago and haven’t looked back.

Like a contest of who could be the most obnoxious person on the planet in VIP.

Yeah, haha.
I, as a new player, often try to get help from the VIP chat which is the most active one but I either:

  1. Get insulted
  2. Have to watch my message drown in an ocean of insults

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