July 2021 Events Calendar

Welcome to July!

Please check in-game the day before the event starts to see Rewards, Bonus Heroes, and other details. Events and content subject to change.

Solo Blitz

  • Jul 1st to Jul 8th – Not on calendar
  • Jul 6th to Jul 8th
  • Jul 9th to Jul 12th
  • Jul 13th to Jul 15th
  • Jul 20th to Jul 22nd
  • Jul 23rd to Jul 26th
  • Jul 27th to Jul 29th
  • Jul 29th to Aug 5th – not on calendar

Alliance Blitz

  • Jul 2nd to Jul 5th
  • Jul 15th to Jul 19th
  • Jul 30th to Aug 5th

Solo Raid

  • Jul 5th to Jul 9th
  • Jul 19th to Jul 23rd

Coop Raid

  • Jul 12th to Jul 16th
  • Jul 26th to Jul 30th

PVP Tournaments and Brawls

  • Jul 6th to Jul 8th – PVP Tournament: Revenant and Heckler
  • Jul 12th to Jul 13th – Brawl: Elemental Wars
  • Jul 13th to Jul 15th – PVP Tournament: Revenant and Artemis
  • Jul 20th to Jul 22nd – PVP Tournament
  • Jul 26th to Jul 27th – Brawl: Elemental Wars
  • Jul 27th to Jul 29th – PVP Tournament: Coop


  • Jul 9th to Jul 12th – Bounty: The Watch
  • Jul 23rd to Jul 26th – Bounty

Faction Fights

  • Jul 2nd to Jul 5th – Faction Fight: The Watch
  • Jul 16th to Jul 19th – Faction Fight: The Watch
  • Jul 30th to Aug 5th – Faction Fight

Don’t forget about Daily Raids!

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Daily raid and coop are very boring if I be honest with you… like how many days do we have to repeat the same exact missions for no to very small rewards? Solo raids reward almost nothing at lvl 90+ except done for daily quests.


They are not there for the further progressed ppl, your choice to do it or not. :man_shrugging: The higher level checkpoint daily raids and co-ops are just there to provide better matchmaking but no one is forcing you to do those if you consider them to be “boring”. I just do those as a side mission or a plus mission to get past the time it takes for my stamina to refill during missions. Also in war, I believe you could sell those for war tokens… if you believe that the rewards provide are “useless” and prove no worth to keeping them in your inventory. The purpose is mostly to help the newcomers progress further in the game and introduce them and get the handle of applying items onto the default heroes. :grin::grin:

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Still no gilded crate event. That sucks. I guess they’ve abandoned that


But still doesn’t change the fact that it is boring. Same quest from day 1 to day 500+ should have a change, especially GW. I am not forcing myself to play anything, and I haven’t touched GW for a very long while. Just a suggestion for better rewards and more fun of a mission, I think that would be healthier for the game.