June 2021 Events Calendar - Coming Soon!

Happy June!

Please check in-game the day before the event starts to see Rewards, Bonus Heroes, and other details. Events and content subject to change.

Solo Blitz

  • Jun 1st to Jun 3rd
  • Jun 3rd to Jun 10th – not on calendar
  • Jun 8th to Jun 10th
  • Jun 11th to Jun 14th
  • Jun 15th to Jun 17th
  • Jun 22nd to Jun 24th
  • Jun 25th to Jun 28th
  • Jun 29th to Jul 1st

Alliance Blitz

  • Jun 4th to Jun 7th
  • Jun 17th to Jun 21st

Solo Raid

  • Jun 7th to Jun 11th
  • Jun 21st to Jun 25th

Coop Raid

  • Jun 14th to Jun 18th
  • Jun 28th to Jul 2nd

PVP Tournaments and Brawls

  • Jun 1st to Jun 3rd – Coop PVP Tournament: Ursus and Colonel Wesson
  • Jun 8th to Jun 10th – PVP Tournament: Ursus and Oracle
  • Jun 14th to Jun 15th – Brawl: Elemental Wars
  • Jun 15th to Jun 17th – PVP Tournament: Ursus and Dreadnought
  • Jun 22nd to Jun 24th – PVP Tournament
  • Jun 28th to Jun 29th – Brawl: Elemental Wars
  • Jun 29th to Jul 1st – Coop PVP Tournament


  • Jun 11th to Jun 14th – Bounty: UAF
  • Jun 25th to Jun 28th – Bounty

Faction Fights

  • Jun 4th to Jun 7th – Faction Fight: UAF
  • Jun 18th to Jun 21st – Faction Fight: UAF

Special Events (NOT ON CALENDAR)

  • Jun 3rd to Jun 10th – Urgent Mission: Warden
  • Jun 24th to Jul 1st – ??? Skin Event

Don’t forget about Daily Raids!


Oh lol I totally forgot about the calender😆

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Can’t wait for the skin event

from scavenger hunt to calendar hunt

… c’mon lads, we have to find the pieces or we’ll get stuck to June for the rest of the year


Can we have another realism pvp. That one is my favorite

Any update about gilded event??


Will it come in July ??:neutral_face::neutral_face:


When it will come? It is 5th june but event calendar not come. Community should have to provide calender at 1st day of the month.

Maybe something exciting is going to happen end of June, we’ll see.


Hope so some mk6 or mk5 and specially gilded event comes in this month…


Realism pvp event I hope

I not waiting anything really impressive, I remember yet, when then given us that anouncemment " things will change", and to much noise for nothing. Is just add a new strong heroe “Fiber” but just that.

But we will see what will really happen, and why to take soo much time to out the calendar…


I think it’s delayed cause 4th July independence day (USA) coming… So they planning to arrange razordrome or like event… They arranged razordrome every independence day previously…

They should give us mk core 5 and 6 for patiently waiting; some gold etc.

Calendar has been updated! Thanks everyone for your patience


When the gilded festival will arrive???can you give any clue about that…

Nothing interesting in this month’s ahhh.
No special events.
No mk5,mk6
No gilded festival.


Nothing special. I expected a lot from this calendar but nothing good present in it. I think hh give something special therefore they cause delay but jere is nothing at all.

Every time there is a announcement you guy want free stuff…

Extreme mode wins and less than 1000 points PVP brawls should count towards the alliance blitz (I forgot the PVP event name, I think it was a 3v3 event). That event comes up with there is an alliance blitz.