June 2020 Events Calendar

Welcome to June!

Solo Raids

  • Jun 1st to Jun 5th – Solo Raid
  • Jun 15th to Jun 19th – Solo Raid
  • Jun 29th to Jul 3rd – Solo Raid

Coop Raids

  • Jun 8th to Jun 12th – Coop Raid
  • Jun 22nd to Jun 26th – Coop Raid

Solo Blitz

  • Jun 2nd to Jun 4th – Solo Blitz
  • Jun 5th to Jun 8th – Solo Blitz
  • Jun 9th to Jun 11th – Solo Blitz
  • Jun 16th to Jun 18th – Solo Blitz
  • Jun 19th to Jun 22nd – Solo Blitz
  • Jun 23rd to Jun 25th – Solo Blitz
  • Jun 30th to Jul 2nd – Solo Blitz

Alliance Blitz

  • Jun 11th to Jun 15th – Alliance Blitz
  • Jun 26th to Jun 29th – Alliance Blitz

PVP Brawls and Tournaments

  • Jun 1st to Jun 2nd – PVP Draft
  • Jun 2nd to Jun 4th – PVP Tournament: Marianas and Kurtz
  • Jun 8th to Jun 9th – Brawl: Elemental Wars
  • Jun 9th to Jun 11th – PVP Tournament: Marianas and Lancer
  • Jun 16th to Jun 18th – PVP Tournament: ??? and Marianas
  • Jun 22nd to Jun 23rd – Brawl: Elemental Wars
  • Jun 23rd to Jun 25th – PVP Tournament: ??? and 4-Cep
  • Jun 30th to Jul 2nd – PVP Tournament


  • Jun 5th to Jun 8th – Bounty: KLG and KLG Irregs
  • Jun 19th to Jun 22nd – Bounty

Faction Fight

  • Jun 12th to Jun 15th – Faction Fight: KLG and KLG Irregs
  • Jun 26th to Jun 29th – Faction Fight

Special Events (not on Calendar)

  • To Be Announced!

Don’t forget about Daily Raids!

:calendar: Monthly Store Changes :calendar:

:vs: PvP Store Updates

  • Castellan and Phoenix will be featured for the month of June

:shopping_cart: Gauntlet Store Updates

  • Panzer will be featured for the month of June

All in all some nice stuff, glad hideo and Castellan are in store, trying to star them up. Draft is back, that’s nice.


Give us some hard mode changes, extreme get’s too much love. Hard has been completely forgotten about, all we have is Nikon off-hand comment saying it won’t be updated anymore


Do ur Mercenaries. 4-cep is in a pvp event :grin::+1:


I see only one interesting event :grin:

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Does this mean the mercs will finally see 4-ceps brother arrive?


Lookinnn very good devs

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Lol @GAMER37XDEC they should consider adding my concept ;).

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Yes! I am laughing soooo hard rn my next hero I wanted to level up was panzer hahahah. Also can’t wait for new hero! Sometime between June 11 and June 16 update will drop woo hoo!

Draft is back! Yay! :slight_smile:

I have a question. Why does calendar say hideo in pvp store but mine has phoenix?


Yes @Braveheart596 it’s for me too . DEVS plz address it

Pvp store is Phoenix … please replace with hideo as per the calendar …it will be nice

It’s wrong because klg month is current. Phoenix is correct because prepping for Morlocks next month. Crossover with mercenaries, my guess?!? Always put up faction coming up.

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Do we know which faction is it going to be for June

Devs keeping quiet again…

Thanks for the report for the PVP store discrepancies y’all, will follow up.

Also reminder we don’t work 7 days a week, so sometimes responses can be delayed…


Looks like I got my info wrong folks. The post has been updated:


So @Skathi its PHOENIX rather than HIDEO?


Yep, that’s correct!