Just AW Question

Just a question about alliance war matchmaking. After last season we had a few people drop out because they were tired of the game. We tried to recruit but were only able to get back to 19/25. The 1st 2 wars this season we’ve been matched up against alliances with 6-7 million power difference ahead of us. I’m just trying to figure what’s fair. I know some alliances in the past have reduced theirs numbers on purpose to matchup with weaker alliances but now other alliances who are just trying to play the game are being screwed because of it.

Same here, excet not much of a power diffence. For us its a 1 milliion power diffrence. But a power diffrence can affect how we play at AW. Let the devs knoq!

I can deal with a 1 mil power difference but 6-7 is ridiculous keeping up with that is tough.

I guess thats the reason they did it, cant say its a bad change since they can know if someone is doing it on purpose or is just out of luck.

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