War Proposal

I think is time that something change in war. Matches done by power don’t make the things to much fair in war.
I propose that the matches from now on be base on the rank of the last 3 seasons. This will make the war more interesting and more fair.

Nice :slightly_smiling_face: you will be a 30 million alliance and face an alliance with 50 million power and then cry to make it back to power wise matchings


I think they should average the top 5 from all alliance members and match that way.

Won’t help much . I guess the only way things can be helped if there’s a separate bracket for 40 mil + alliance. Or maybe extend the expert bracket upto 35 mil and masters start from 35 mil + onwards . There are alliances 70 mil + in the same bracket as 25 mil + alliances , but the leaderboards aren’t doing them much justice .


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I think the way to fix AWar is than the points by hour by zone depends on the power of the bonus hero in that zone , not in the stars of the heroe .
It will make everybody level their heroes

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