Kunoichi Skin Idea

Kunoichi- Kitsune (Halloween Legendary Skin)
Kunoichi dons the mask of the Kitsune, along with a white kimono (traditional women’s clothing) with flowing sleeves, and a big red ribbon tied at the waist. Her long blonde hair and fox ears are exposed, while nine fox tails can be seen falling behind.

For particle effects, she would be surrounded by several Hitodama (blue spirit flames).

[Soul Rend] Silver
Take 20% more damage. Your attacks are boosted by less, but they drain life by 25% damage done.

I know its not halloween, but i really liked the idea. Sorry for being a weeb, haha… But I thought it might suit her. Also im not too familiar with Japanese terminology, so im probably wrong. Why did i add partcle effects? Well, from what ive seen, those are holiday exclusive so why not.

I always thought Kuno was just a female robot or somethin, not an actual woman in a suit, especially since they’re cloned in the Campaign mode. Unless I’m wrong I guess, then the blonde hair would make sense.
Also, did you mean “boosted by more”? Because if not, then what’s the incentive to even equip the skin. It’d just be frivolous, like the other Legendaries. I like the skin design concept, but the skill gotta be a boost that’s beneficial for me to change from her nice default skin. And no more taking damage, she’s too squishy as it is.
I didn’t mean to make it long, just some feedback

I had my fair shares of MOBA gaming, and lemme tell you, 25% Lifesteal ain’t a good deal while you have less damage dealt to the enemy AND you receive 20% more damage.
(I have Ifrit on my team, and he takes down Kuno in 2 (1 round if Kuno receives more damage) well-hit bullet rounds. Kuno gotta boost some health before she can deal some damage.)

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Ive always interpreted them as faceless soldiers, like kunoichi is a title, not a person. It does say they are odachi’s apprentices, after all.

Edit: i kinda thought the lifedrain would make up for slightly less boost in dps and more damage taken, since instead of being a direct buff, alot of legendary skins change the characters playstyle by slightly (ex. Heckler/Nightingale), and i tried to follow that because i thought it was some kind of unspoken rule.