Kun Legendary Skin idea

I was thinking of a Legendary skin for Kun. A sick black and gold or black and red any color combination robotic Geisha Girl dress. Or maybe even a geisha girl. Her skill would be her throwing knives have a 30 percent chance to hit nearby targets with half of the damage the knives do. Probably asking for too much but an animation of her spinning and throwing the knives would be sick. What you think?

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I’m confused on your response. Everyone knows who Kun is and her throwing knives. So what are you talking about

I like this idea . I’ve been waiting a long time for a good kuno skin

Spinning to throw her knives is good. And if she activates full offense, she gains a red glow

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Anyone who has experience knows who kun is


I dont understand how anyone feels better inside by pointing that out in a pessimistic way. Kudos to you tho!

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Naming conventions aside, the skin idea sounds hectic :+1:t5:

She doesn’t need a legendary skin , she needs health. Maybe a rear skin will do. Adding extra amor to her when she raises her ugly hand up to attract everyone to shoot her, lol… yeah an amor would be nice. That will make everyone to unlock this rear skin . We care about your health kun lol.