Kurtz is Joining the Hunt! (COMING SOON)

We already told you where. Read the details in the post you’re replying to!

7 stars hero??? I’m curious to know how much time he will require to unlock

7 Stars… Thats too bad. You may break your own game with this one.

Currently 7 star heroes are very hard to get, but they are nothing special. Having one or even all of them on a team gives no advantage. They are not Drake, Flat, Ronin, Mauler, Dog, Panzer or Caine level heroes. But a hero that has a 30 second stun not to mention other skills… Thats a game changer. Any team w him will have a crazy advantage similar to the early Panzer days. Making him 7 star, I think you are stepping over dollars to pickup pennies. JMO.

Did you miss the part about being able to earn him, for free, through Alliance Wars? A lot of people missed that point.


Yes, that is something I’ve noticed as well. If he’s obtainable through alliance wars, it could potentially be much easier to obtain Kurtz than compared to the other 7* heroes. I look forward to seeing how he operates! :slight_smile:

I don’t see any such details in this thread. I did in the hero spotlight thread, though.

Sorry, I forgot that his fragments will be in alliance wars

He’s just amazing, you’ll like him

Kurtz is the new borken character. WTH Hothead, could you balance properly?

30 second stuns with only a 2% chance to break out early and insta-kills?! WTH. Basically non-flatline teams have no chance.


I think everyone miss the point that having OP heroes ruins the game. Rough to obtain as a 7* just sweeten the pod, but not the main issue.
Damn we are all still suffering from Ronin. And now this.

It’s balanced by the fact that it only works if your skill level is greater than the hero’s level. And remember that his skills can kill your allies too. I heard they’ll be testing him too, so we may see some changes before he becomes available. Seriously man, just remember that not all things that look imbalanced on paper are also imbalanced in real life.
“An empty can makes a lot of noise”

Why is no one seeing this before reacting?

You do realize that the maximum target level is the variable that’s increased as the skill levels up right? You’d be ridiculous to think that it’s going to stay 0, especially since it’s the ‘feature’ statistic in the header bar.

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Of course it will increase. We don’t know how much it goes up though. Maybe it stays at 50 and the skill is rendered useless in non-sandbagging PVP.
I can’t say that I’ve ever seen the AI Kurtz stun my entire team for 30 seconds and he’s what, level 95 or something.

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It only takes an average of about a dozen bullets to end the stun for any given hero.

It would be entirely against past design decisions by the devs to have some skill level increases do nothing, which is the only way it would increase by less than 1/level.

The only unknown here is whether we’re being shown a level 1 or 0 skill. If it’s level 0, then the structure of his skill is that it affects any hero of equal level or lower. If it’s level 1, then he can only affect heroes of a lower level. This distinction is paramount in understanding how powerful he is as if it’s the latter, the entire skill is essentially rendered useless in PvP.

Guys, it’s showing level 0 because you don’t have Kurtz unlocked. That means right now, for you, he’s level 0. Once you unlock him, that number will change to 1. And when you level him up, it’ll rise.

Please, once again, try and keep an open mind. It’s understandable that you want to solve problems before they become problems, but please wait and see how he plays before declaring that the game is broken. Thanks.


50.000 gold? My lord!

Whoever got his money, he took Kurtz. Now there will be great unfairness in PvP. Either you have to balance it or we’ll really believe it now: PAY to WIN :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

Kurtz sucks, & he is broken smh. So i don’t think a nerf is coming

XiaoYing_Video_1572547833995 I am interested in playing in the war for one reason. I want to get Kurtz in any way. I am afraid that the war prizes will change by adding another hero instead of Kurtz.!

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