Is kurtz the end?

Im wondering is there any more new heros coming out or is kurtz the end?

Well Siren came out after Kurtz soz… maybe

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HHG will never stop releasing new heroes. It’s the surest way of them to make money.

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U new here? Just because the final boss is out doesn’t mean it’s over. They can rewrite entire storylines for Kurtz to manufacture more villains like Anvil. Also (not that I know since I haven’t reached the final story campaign) with Wesson possibly being the secret mastermind, he could have some other secret henchmen. Or just add completely unrelated bosses. Possibilities are endless!

P.s. already revealed there’s another hero in future here: Is this a hero? Or is it a Fill Soldier?

No. There are others in the organization such as Ritz or Chaz (jk). So always look for new heroes, more stories and content in the future

A developer said not long ago that they have a very large pool of unfinished heroes they’re working on.

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i think there is always new heros upcoming and about storyline of hero hunter wessons something hidden from the UAF i think it will be come in form of another storyline…:hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs: