Legendary skins / skills ideas

I thought I’d post some legendary skill swap ideas that I have. Feel free to criticize or add in the comments. I’ll post more if I think of any.

Butter - turtle hermit
Swap out the blue backpack for a large silver shell with blue energy coarsing though the lines in between. With heavy plate upgrades to make him seem more bulky and turtle like, maybe a blue visor over his eyes.
Draw Fire -> Shell shock - taunt, increase Hp by XXX and armor by XXX

Pris - sly fox
Swap ear piece for a mask like goggles. Color her hair orange hombre to blond and pulled back in a ponytail. Keep undersuit but recolor orange and white gradiant. Remove upper coat and replace with light armor similar to nightingale. Backpack is replaced with diamond shaped small pack with mirror finish and blue energy within.
Sapper -> Foxhole - go invisible for 7 seconds. Shots have a 75% chance to stagger while duration lasts.

I’ll post more as I come up with them…

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Alladin-like skin for hivemind
Unmasked skin for kunoichi / phalanx( common skins instead of using Red bucket in ms paint)
Fridge for galante / castellan
Samurai armor for odachi
More witch-like skin for maven
Splinter-like sensei suit for mauler
Detective vest and hat for hardscope
And mariachi matador
Heckler black and white prison robe like in jailhouse rock
Doctor Watson for heimlock with musket-like shotgun

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I’d really like to see these skins IG :

  • Caine : A cyborg skin, something like Cable from Marvel Universe
  • Odachi : A skin similar to Raiden from MSG license, that would be so freakin awesome
  • Pris : A catwoman skin for sure
  • Prophete : he is perfect non need to skin him :slight_smile:
  • Callidus : A vampiric skin
  • Razorback : A clown or joker skin
  • Gammond : A robocop skin would be great
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Nope definitely Skin Prophet, so I can wear his skin.

Fire Fighter – Replace armor for firefighter outfit with top down tied around waist. white tank top and suspenders for top. Large green double tank on back linked to gun which has been modified to look like a fire hose. Bag has been replaced by holder of large loop of hose rings. So hose goes from tank to several loops on hip to modified gun.
Phoenix Flame -> Burn Baby – When Phoenix is killed, she leaps toward the enemy with the highest health and kamikazes for massive damage in a small area radius.

Demolition Engineer – lower body replaced with baggy cargo pants with tools in pockets, also Knee pads and tall work boots. Welders goggles on forehead. Grease stained shirt on top with harness for repair laser still in place with maybe a color change. Backpack has hrness for giant wrench that is actually the missile launcher for Bunker Buster.
Hook Shot -> Bunker Buster – Fires 4 missiles over time that destroys enemy cover or deal XXX damage to random enemy if no cover is left to destroy.

Replace large visor with smaller glasses with similar markings. Loosen turban look and bring down along side of head. Add golden cape that covers most of mouth (think Vincent ff7) and covers left shoulder. Drone backpack still on. Right shoulder and chest has gold ornate armor with large waist belt with bobbles and a lamp tied on the side. Part of a golden cloack come off of each side of his legs. He wears baggy pants with armor over the top. Complete with pointed shoes.
Leech Drone -> Curse Drone – Heal allies by XXX amount per second and has XXX health. Marks targeted enemy with Heal Block once per second for one second.

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Shadow Lurker Kunoichi

  • Appearance: All black armor, piercing red eyeball, and an aura of dark, electrifying mist that appears to steam off her at all times.

  • Bronze Skill Upgrade: Flurry of Knives —> Barrage of Blades

    • Strikes 3 enemies with a barrage of Kunais, dealing XXX damage up to 3 times per enemy.
      If the targeted enemies are hit by all 3 Kunais, Stun them for 8 seconds.
      For each enemy Stunned, gain 6 seconds of Invisibility.

Loving the skins - is it possible to add stripes to the shoulder pads of skins to indicate what level skin upgrade you are on? Really just a vanity thing…:grinning:

Man if they could get the red eye to do a trail as she moves, that skin would be sick. Maybe add some spikes to make it more sinister.

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