Looking for a STRICT top 100 alliance that values event performance more than team power

I’m a 400k+ guy with a 90k strongest team looking for a strict guild that has these requirements and actually ENFORCES them. Such a turnoff when I grind to hit targets and teammates slack off with no consequences and targets do not get reached.

I can and am willing to do:
1 billion in bounty
Average of 4 successful attacks per alliance day
Top 10 or so in patrol crates (no point mentioning scores since this varies, i.e., active patrollers see the average score go lower due to higher competition)

PM me if you are an alliance that can hit these targets and want me:
Patrol crate Plat
All milestones in bounty
Coordinate and require active participation in AW (above 15m category)

P.S. I’m only joining after the current AW round for obvious reasons.

At 400k idk if you will find anyone, but you could hit up Tranqmaster for Lost and United 2 they’re strict with their stuff maybe you’d fit in but idk they might have requirements too high for you

Also remember higher power alliances harder bounties be for you.

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I kick my bottom 2 every bounty. I risk collapse if I do more than that. However, we have a guy at 800k power, he’s pretty active. He’s our lowest power player. I’ve made our guy the benchmark for bounty. Whatever he does for damage is the minimum expectation for all. We’re happy being top 50 in bounty. Though we are currently 30ish. Based on your resume, I’m interested in seeing how motivated you are. If you are as tenacious as you say, I think your tenacity can keep us at, or above rank 50, while you continue to grow.

We consistently get plat +1 on Patrol.

We are lousy at war, but we’re in a higher tier for rewards. I’d welcome your feedback on strategy.

We trade co-ops unless stated otherwise.

We are a global alliance; difficult to coordinate. We play for fun, and plunder! We’re relaxed, casual, but we’re all active. I kick after 24 hours without a login, unless I, or leadership have been contacted.

So if you’re interested in being our Omega Wolf, or have questions, private message me. My name is Oubi Nutz Kenoubi, and our alliance is House of Nutz. We’d love to provide a good home for you to grow!

this was 5 months,I doubt they are still looking

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I appreciate your feedback.