Omega X is Recruiting Players

Omega X is recruiting players ( lvl 85+ and over 600M+ power). We get 1st place rewards in AW in our group and going to secure a Top 5 Season War Ranking in Expert League of War. We get 1st milestone in Bounty and platinum+1 crate in patrols . Message me here or my IGN - OMEGA X EKLAVYA.

We believe that this game is more then just Clicking Buttons , its all about different hero combination and synergies. Come join us and get good rewards . We don’t have very high minimum requirements , if you don’t meet the requirements , we don’t kick out players instead we move players to our Brother Alliance. Depending upon your contribution you can switch between Omega X and other Brother Alliances of us. In this way both the Alliance as well as the player benefits from it :slight_smile: .

We are striving hard to be one of the Best . This is our current position in War .


Great job in war, it’s hard as hell to find people that are actually active and move their defenses around without having to tell them everyday.

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This is in the wrong section, it needs to be in : alliance recruitement

It is in Alliance Recruitment section. General Hero Hunters Discussion and Alliance Recruitment get selected when I choose Alliance Recruitment.


Then it changed or didn’t load in, i didn’t see that when i checked

Thanks .We aren’t a strict Alliance demanding players to be online at reset. Just follow instructions and play this game smartly. It is all a team effort. Unfortunately we lost a few good players due to some issues in real Life. Hopefully things work out for them.

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Eklavy, amazing advertisement. I wish ya the best in your search for new players!


Omega X is recruiting again.

What we offer :

  1. Bounty milestone 1
  2. War position 1 ( season top 5, currently ranked 1 )
  3. Platinum+1 patrol crate.

What we want from your side :

  1. Online at war start ( mandatory )
  2. Bounty damage contribution 1.5 billion
  3. Total team power range ( 500,000 - 1,100,000 )
    Contact OMEGA X EKLAVYA if interested.