Looking for an ALLIANCE to join!

Hey everyone, I’m looking for a GOOD alliance to join. My current dilemma is that I can’t find one that isn’t complete garbage (i.e. only 1-2 active players that even contribute significantly to events). I tried managing my own, too, but I just ended up having to kick everyone out of it all the time since most people would get to 2K-4K power and then never play again for DAYS.

Name: Keihtg
Total Power: 34,690
Team Level: 46

I’m online every day for most of the day (I work in an office, so it’s easy to keep a tab on the game every half-hour or so). Any help would be appreciated, or maybe we can start a new Alliance here for us more dedicated players!


In a similar boat. Have been in a couple alliances that are only somewhat active. In some ways this game is still fresh. In others it has the built in beta alliances so its tougher as a newish player. Either way, Im on every day multiple times a day too.

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Hi, you could both join “HOLO” I feel that it is active enough for you guys, and obviously if you dont like it you can leave no hard feelings XD

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I run an active alliance, only requirements are that you are level 40+ and participate in events. It is very clear that you must contribute or will be kicked so all members contribute. We always place top 100, the highest we’ve ranked so far is 13. We have 3 spots available so I’m definitely looking for active players.


Where is the healer (Heal)

We are looking for Active players. We use Discord for communication. Memes welcome and heavily encouraged. Be polite and you’ll fit in.

Level 25+


What is your alliance called??

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What is your aliance called? I want to join
Lvl 50
Overall damange 60k+

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If you Guys still looking for a Alliance [TAC] Tacticians looking for active People.
At the moment we have 2 open slots only Requirement is Level 40+
We doing actively Alliance Missions
Feel free to join

If you cant find the Alliance add me as Friend ingame


its called EnvyUs. Request to join and Ill accept

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If anyone is still looking for an active Alliance, I started one specifically for people who play everyday. Search: Maad - Everyday Players.
The minimum level is 25 because you don’t have to have a great team, you just have to play regularly and try and contribute to the events. All contributions add up and everybody shares the rewards equally!


Ciao a tutti!
Sono al comando dell’alleanza italiana [ITL] LEGIONE ITALIANA.Cerco membri attivi e seri!


  • almeno livello 40
  • potenza squadra almeno 35.000

Contattate Marta

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80K team power here. TrikeonBike ingame tag, invite me

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My alliance is called the grimreapers
Join if you would like my username is portalfever90

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[ALERT] A new Alliance made due to our (top 200 Alliance Leader kicked all and left the game) shocking login, during an event, at 212 place only needing the last teir of rewards and had to start over! Found some within the original [JMJ] but need active players who love the Hero Hunters game!! As leader I hope to bring in new players as well to get them interested, we all remember out first time
playing; it is a little overwhelming! Loyal players helped me through with guidance and now I am a
daily player! If interested find us and become part of an Alliance built to represent " Loyalty Rise Together".
We had a good Bounty Event for a new Alliance wanted to let players know we are weeding out inactive for over 2 days unless they say they will be out for a bit!

Bants in your Pants available at our active alliance BNSHE

Looking for an Alliance… So many players move in and out we need to stick together! (Solid 25 Dedicated Hero Hunters)[ALERT] send a request Good Luck All you Heroes !

[ ALERT] is developing a core group I am hoping for a loyal team! The first Alliance I was in was dispanded by the leader during an event! We were in the top 200 and woke up without Alliance so made my own :wink:

What level do you require?

Why don’t you join us at SINNERS AND SAINTS.
We are a new alliance with around 7 good players, ranging from 38 to 48. We 7 are dedicated to make our alliance work, so feel free to check us.

Team power: 43k
Team level: 41

We are trying to recruit good players with same aspirations and I think you would like it here :slight_smile:

ALERT is currently full with Daily Active Members, however there are a few members who fall short in events. I am currently attempting to work with them as they have been with us for a long time but if there is not a significant change we will have 3-4 open spots. Our Alliance has been finishing between ranking 250-220 in Bounty events, we aim to rank in the 200 -100 after the holidays. I posted the information about building an Alliance and wanted to post an update regarding how well we have grown over time. We have yet to make the top 100 in Bounty however we have placed over top 100 in other events.
Recruiting: Mainly after Bounty Events
Core Alliance Members: 20-22
Possible open spots: 5-3
Alliance: built out of respect, loyalty, and the understanding to grow and learn together, comunicate concerning life around game play as well as being able to provide significant contributions to in game events or will be removed with an invitation to return when able to resume within the Alliances requrments which change as we grow.

  • Other Alliances who attempt to recruit from ALERT is normally a waist of time however if a member wants to move up to higher ranking rewards we help find an Alliance who will welcome them.
  • Any Alliance Leaders who are interested in welcoming a member who request faster growth or higher ranking please let me know :sunglasses:
    -Any new members who are looking to grow quickly and move up the ranks are welcome to join our boot camp, level 40-60 who are unable to meet requirements for top 100 Alliance and is a serious gamer who needs support to grow quickly, msg me in ALERT. We have sent a few beginners to the Top and do not mind to send more. :slight_smile:
    We hope to reconnect with these players as we grow (@ our agreed rate)!
    Hope you enjoyed reading about our history and future goal’s we want to thank the developers and all who contribute in providing engaging updates to keep us players interested in Hero Hunters @Hotheadgames!