Looking for an alliance

My top 5 121,325 . My total power 1,551,874. I regularly hit 3.5-5 billion in bounties. I have discord and may have a few higher level players looking to help a new alliance get on its feet , or an old alliance looking for strong players , feel free to hit me up in game (Wootopia)

If u want decent alliances for good rewards then, u can get many options… But, if u want to help an alliance to rebuild/help then, maybe alliances like FN123,NIO,KC1 &etc are good options for you…

I would prefer u to help FN123… cuz, i know those guys & they’re playing with 15 members from start of that alliance & after few months their co took a break(I am sure it’s not a break he quit this game due to some real life stuffs) but, their members are still loyal & running alliance & still getting good ranks in wars… Rest is urs choice

We are looking to start a new Desi Family Alliance after the end of this Season of War. Currently we have 5 Alliances and you can check the Season War Ranking of IDB and Omega X , both are under Top 20. The new Alliance that we want to start will be War Focussed with less emphasis on Bounties.

Again we have different Alliances at different levels , so you guys can choose the one suitable for you or you guys can play together in one Alliance. For more information contact me ( CO of Omega X ) or Fazrul ( CO of IDB ). I look forward to hearing from you soon :slight_smile:


Join the Donut Block alliance. We all do about the same.