New event dialogues. I will complete along next days.

At beginning of Medium 5

After completing the event


Also, find below a list of posts about these events, linked to Teraventa heroes arrival.


From what others have told me, these 3 messages are the only cutscenes in the entire Stratus Sphere. :confused:

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Nope! There’s more. I wrote it, so.




@Muninn Please check the event. No scenes appear after defeat MASTER level!

You know what to do, then.


If she was able to get into their channel with ease, means they suck at having a secure line. But i won’t know the rest of the story until it’s posted. Can’t make it past mission 1

Yeah there was no dialogue @Muninn for the rest of it

Thanks! Somebody followed protocol and reported it to support, so we got the info we need. It’ll be some time before we can get it in since it took a while for people to follow forum protocol. Thankfully, the rest of the dialogue plays in repeatable missions, so once it’s fixed, you can check it out easily by replaying.


Now, there’s more of Min’s monologue in the end of the missions…

Thanks. Post updated.

Did I just called it from Gun Der dome event. Spoilers: The masked person was Prophet. With Min saying “The Masked Prophet” makes me think he is in league with the FF characters.

The man in the mask.

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Just gonna leave this here

we can only speculate

  1. Imagine this masked man is The Corrupted.
    we can’t ignore the fact that melee users can get weapons.

  2. the Patriots are helping Terraventa in the invasion (pretty contradictory), so I think the masked man will be one of them.

  3. technically we don’t know the real sex of Prophet, yes they have a deep voice, but it can also be a emulator disguising the real voice.

  4. maybe it’s a totally separate hero who has been pulling the strings all along, opened the portal, convinced the Patriots to join and continue these attacks to cover up his true movements.
    Maybe this character can also be part of a new faction, but I’m not convinced.

I was pressing the shoot button (using Stratus) that i guess i skipped the final dialogue. Anyone catch it?

It’s in the original post. :point_up_2:t2:

Only Phalanx have armor and masque in one time in Patriots. Prophet from Rangers and no one Ranger don’t appear during Domes events. Plus sometimes prophet this judt prophet. Not name.