At Easy 1

At easy 5

Start of Medium 5

Final of medium 5

To be continued???


Don’t be shy, put some more

Extra points for people who know this meme

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Post updated. Spent all my hard-work gold to get Fiber (no joy here) so I will update the content along the event.

So Serial plays a main role here? Didnt see it coming…

I remember how Masked Prophet was called like woman, lol. So we don’t know something about Serial? XD

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I see my earlier theory is starting to come true.

If “the masked prophet” is just a play on words to make us think it’s Prophet, then my next guess would go to Serial. Though Prophet does give us a clue as to what’s coming next after you beat 14-10.

Serial not only wears a mask, but he also wasn’t in any of the enemy teams for the Gun-der Dome. We know that Serial holds a grudge against the person/s that caused the heronium explosion that took both is arms. Sounds like motive for an evil plan to me. We also know that he was cryogenically frozen, before he was repaired my 4-CEP. With that being said, we don’t know when he went into stasis. It could’ve been a week before the procedure, or it could’ve been years. There is much mystery in Serial’s past, that we have yet to explore.


My serial be like

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IMG_20210508_010339 :joy:

So I just finished the Fiber Urgent Mission, and there wasn’t any new dialogue on the Final mission. I’m not sure if this is an error like the Stratus Sphere, or if no dialogue was intended to be there. Should I send in a ticket to support?

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Same here like previous mission. I think its intended so majority of players can easily follow the history, since some complaints have been made about brutal levels.

I was wondering why Fiber is being commanded by Serial…she can easily kick his cheek :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Which “final mission” do you mean? We do dialogue on 1, 5, and 10. If you’re talking about anything after that, there is no additional dialogue.

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I was referring to stage 20, Master. There have usually been cutscenes/dialogue there in the past, so I was just curious. But if there’s nothing there, than that answers my question. Thank you.

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After Fiber withdraws and Ryker talks about needing more intel, that’s the end of the current story for this Event.


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