Mandrake Solo Raid

Just to check, the Mandrake solo raid opened today.

It has 8 levels but the in-game countdown timer says it only runs for 3 days, with 2 raid wins daily so 6 in total. Is it the intent that we have to buy 1 reset to win level 7 and 8?

The monthly calendar says the solo raid event, presumably this raid, runs from 30 June to 3rd July.


Could be like the bounty glitch says 2 days but it’s longer

Only would get 2 natural resets based on the events calander. Starts on Sunday. Resets on Monday and Tuesday, ends on Wednesday. Apears to be a cash grab to get people to use 80 gold to reset once to earn portrait and nearly 100 frags the last 2 levels have. These kinds of issues is why I’ve stoped spending money on this game. VIP 14 too


If HHG will only give us 6 attempts to finish 8 stages, at least give us the option of choosing the difficulty settings. Some of us want to go straight to the master level and skip the easy/medium, similar to co-ops now.

Devs if you out there… Please set the record straight?!

@Muninn @Huginn Any acknowledgement would be greatly appreciated.

The event has been updated! You should see it go until July 4th in-game now. Thanks for making us aware.