When will helios be fixed?

So its been 2 resets gone. And soon 3. Still no update about the helios situation :confused: share something with us devs. It would be good if yoou fix it now with like a limit of 12 frags a day or something. Or give us 2 resets. Cause we are running out of time for bounty. It costs 6.5 days for through coops. 6.5 days bounty’s ending. And no, not everyone can afford 2.6k gold. Some stats running will be clear enough to deduce that. Most players are vip, but few players are able to spend that amount.

Hello Zad, there have been a number of threads about this topic. Please rest assured that the developers are working on implementing a fix ASAP. Thanks so much for your patience.

Because there are so many duplicate threads for this specific issue I am going to close this thread. Feel free to participate in any of the other open threads for this subject.


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Short story, it’s fixed now. We just moments ago pushed out a fix. Check your inboxes!

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