Marianas + Halo (or Kiyoshi) or both UNFAIR MATCH and BORING

you’re keep repeating the same thing without reading other’s cmnts carefully… i already mentioned something which u saying now

I repeat it because that is what I think and you are saying you complaint about rollers? that is not the point of Marianas Power, the solution for rollers is just to shut at them, I even muck of rollers when I defeat them, even in auto. Marianas combo is not a solution for that, that I was I told you. And they absolulutely should be nerfed, is what I think.

But the game is not just about PvP…
Pvp issue about matching against unbalanced heroes still exist…
And the team is not unbeatable also…

I think we should rethinking about nerfing this and that… But give buff to the rest heroes instead…

Start thinking and use teams that will counter them… ahhhh but there are rollers, easy just kill Krieger then halo and leave the stupid one rolling around. Get serial, Beck, Krieger, phalanx and Heimlock. Start with serial until activate shield, change to beck and kill every single energy hero. Heimlock will cure you and even remove the effects of the passive skill. Phalanx will protect you and increase your damage. Serial will take at least 1 hero with his shield. So just use your mind and stop asking for nerf. Do you know what’s unfair? People that don’t know how to play, complaining about good hero then everyone suffering when this hero get nerfed. Ask for more good hero, not to nerf good hero.


I agree. I’ve beaten that match-up

It’s challenging. Good on HHG: I’ve actually spent gold I normally do not spend to either beat that match-up or play with it

Instead of making this post, you could have found a viable counter and upgraded that counter

The teams don’t need a nerf, they are not boring as i love the lightning
You only need a viable counter
This has happened with every hero, and making this post isn’t going to change anyones mind as we already know it’s a very good composition, so complaining doesn’t help much, help yourself instead.
It’s not “unfair” unless they have a significant power increase above you

No, the only counter is the same team, and it is not about the lighing, it is about Marianas, that is the problem, I think you don´t understand the point, and like I said before, all the heroes should give a change to play and beat them on pvp, but not only a few times. If they don´t nerf Marianas, then they should give the power back to heroes like Panzer, Ronin, and even Razorback, and even Kurtz… HH nerfed all of them for less than that, and the game was balanced if they did it with one hero, they should do it with all …
For exemple there is Serial, and Krieger, they are well balanced, but Marianas starting breaking every wall and with no stop on the damage, it is just insane.

I know nothing… just supporting u to buff RONIN & PANZER… that’s it

That is important, they Nerf the other heroes, so they should do it this time, and I repeat it, I am not talking about Halo, she is good the way she is, and even Kiyoshi (She is really powerful, but she gives you time to kill her), the thing is Marianas.

And I know it is not about about PVP, but believe me, they nerf the heroes because of PVP.

Anyone take a look at the teams people were using for recent ruby tournament? I’ll give you a hint, it was slight variations on this team for every person that made it into later stages.

Just find a viable counter… lol. There is a reason it dominated the tournament, there is no viable counter. Disagree? PM me in game and we’ll duel till you’re tired.

Thank you!
That’s what I am talking about! there is no counter, maybe sometimes we can beat it, but it is because the player is really bad hahaha …

It needs to be taking in consideration by HH, or then buff the heroes you have nerfed before, but I think it is easier just revise Marianas skill…

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This is patently false. Counters include Dreadnought, Cep, Kurtz, Jackal, Wesson, Shivs, Panzer…

Especially when Ruby – Cep, Jackal, Wesson, Shivs.

For me, it’s Dread. Knock barriers down, group up Marianas and anyone near her like Matador (AI moves to next barrier) and rain down hellfire with Dread’s silver while soaking up a ton of damage.

The meta is kooky, but it’s not unbeatable. When the opposing team decides on Mari combo, they inevitably also handicap themselves in a way because their whole team is already defined. It’s not like they have any other support, cuz the teams are the same. As a result, I’m always anticipating the enemy will be that team, so I adapted.

And remember, Marianas was the direct counter to invisibility teams and rollers, i.e, Drake and Kurtz teams.

Everyone asked for it. Now everyone’s complaining…again…like Gammond, Razorback, Caine, Ifrit, Flatline, Drake, Ronin, Kurtz, Shivs, Cep, Siren, Serial, Lancer, etc…all these metas were destroyed and new ones were created. And those were single heroes.

This is a whole team of them, composed together just right. Any slight tweak and it falls apart. Which it will. So enjoy it while it exists.


Honestly, the best counter is for everyone to use this combination and break the math. HHG will have to address this eventually when the stats overwhelmingly show that people are using the mari/krieger/kyoshi combo. It’s why they nerfed panzer > ronin > shiv > mandrake etc…

Patently false… yeah… so I’m gonna call your bluff and challenge you.

Best of 7 at ruby. I’ll bring the cheese, you bring the wine.


I don’t do duels. But I don’t know why you can’t believe me. None of these are bad players either. And this was just in the last 20 minutes.


Hahaha you make it look so easy, even with those heroes you are dead almost all the time, I know you are Razielo, and you are a skilled player, but still, that is not a normal match, you with kurtz, he will be dead after 4 battles, and after that it will be rearlly hard for you.

We can go for a due if you want.

But I’m not dead most of the time. And I always revive hearts every tourney, gold isn’t an issue for me. Camilo, you’re a good player, but like I said, I don’t duel. If draft actually worked, I’d do that! But draft doesn’t work for me, sadly.

Good players, playing teams with bonus heroes. Proves your team suffers less, whereas that team needs very specific heroes for peak performance.

Sorry, doesn’t really prove a thing. Kurtz is the only possible counter, and that’s hit or miss depending on the map, the player, etc.

Don’t really understand how this is even debatable. It’s obviously the top team, nearly unbeatable, and yet people still like to pretend that “counters are out there guys! just find them…”

As a VIP 0 player (only 1 hero reset), who consistently places top 10 in whatever bracket I’m in, I don’t lose to much else. And when I tried the team at all ruby, the only counter was itself. No one has pm’d me, but I’m still taking all challengers.