Marianas + Halo (or Kiyoshi) or both UNFAIR MATCH and BORING

Hey I have Halo and Kiyoshi too, and I use the combination but it is almost a certain win, almost all the time is an unfair match, it takes away the interest of a good match, where you are on a competition and trying to win to a good opponent, it is just too easy …

Marianas shouldn´t deal constant damage, it doesn´t makes sense, you haven´t even started the match, and you can´t even shut to the oponent, because you are not only receiving damage, but you can´t even see your targets, AND THIS IS IN THE FIRST SECOND ON THE MATCH, I think we all understand it is always UNFAIR unless you have Marianas and Halo too, and that is really really BORING.

Even Serial is a powerful Hero, but it takes time and you can enjoy the matches, but that combo, Marianas, it is just so BORING, and UNFAIR…

What is your opinion people? I just hope the next hero won´t be that boring too.


Find a counter and you can easily take them down

In my opinion , Halo, Kiyoshi, Mariana, Krieger works great…
They are multi purpose meta… Probably the best heroes HH ever released until now… Lol…

PvE? Check.
Bounty? Good high DPS combo…
Co op? Give us 2 helios at once for now…

Pvp? Well, i think if the players is a truly hardcore PvP addict, they will use another heroes combo… For the challenge sake… :laughing:

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A nerf is inevitable since the combo is abused in PvP. I only use Halo/Kiyoshi with Marianas for co-ops, so I’m going to be bummed when the nerf happens lol.

no, it is not easy, I have killed them, but it is just not fair, that is what I am saying, and it takes all the fun out, you just know how will be the battle, if you don´t kill halo or marianas in the first 5 seconds hahaha that is too boring for a pvp match, is just pathetic.

that is not a fair match, on PVP it is actually kind of ridiculous, it is not a match, it is decided in the first 2 seconds, I think they should nerf it, maybe the damage just for 5 seconds and instead that, the dps for Marianas will be higher, that will be more insteresting…

Nerf is definitely needed but I wouldn’t say it unfair

But I do, because it is too much advantage, I am a skilled player, and sometimes I can beat that team, but It is absolutely with all the odds against you.

@Camilo_Valdes Yes what a lot off people are saying is too nerf this into non existent which I Think shouldnt be the case, but it definetly needs some fine tuning.

Of course, actually the issue is not Halo, it is the constant damage that Marianas deals with her skill, so maybe it should last a few seconds or less constant like the damage each 5 seconds, and maybe give her a better dps, would be fair, but I agree, it is not about taking off the skill, but to make Marianas more fair and that way we can even use her with other teams!

Why not target Mari first and that team will fall apart?

believe me I do that, and that is why sometimes I win, but I don´t kill Marianas, I am going afte Halo, but it is still unfair, with phalanx, mandrake and even matador hahaha, of course, it is a good team, almost invincible, but it is not balanced to get a good match. Just boring from the begining.

I think that all events can only participate the 2 bonus factions of the month, in all events, pvp, faction fight, 2v2, I think that with two bonus factions, players will have to look for new combinations, and not just use boring equipment , (halo + marianas + krieg + kurtz, kiyoshi,). this would be the correct way for future events and avoid many abuse of using a single combination

Use the same team and when you have 2 halo teams it’s funny

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Use a VPN, connect to a country that doesn’t have many HH players. Just fight dumb AI bots. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I think I can even beat you with almost any team you have, if you want we can go to a challenge, but that team with Halo and Marianas is not fair, I don´t want to face bots, I just want the pvp to be fun, by the way I too have Marianas and Halo, but it is not funny, It is too easy…

That is a frustrating occurrence on PvP, especially I’m trying to do it with a balanced team with event heroes. However, I won’t deny the usefulness of such a team, and I’ll admit I use the same setup when my other heroes are out of lives because of fighting a Marianas combo team.

One solution I can think of is that silencing an enemy also disables their passives, but I’ve done enough coding to know that’ll just unleash a variety of bugs and glitches into the game.

Another is changing Marianas’s ability to do something else, like ‘if an enemy is out of cover for 5 seconds deal x damage per second’ or ‘lifted enemies take x damage per second’

Or make halo/kiyoshi’s platinum skill not apply to gold and platinum skills

For counters, i find having Kurtz, coupled with a halo/Krieger/kiyoshi works well in retaliation. Serial also works since using his invincibility shield while standing out in the open guarantees a kill for yourself because of the insane accumulated damage to serial (this part is fun :grinning:).
I’ve also noticed that shields drastically reduce the effects of the damage, but you’ll still need to dispatch the Marianas asap.
If there’s nothing left, just use all-mech heroes for hopefully some damage reduction.

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Yes, I think you understand the point, it is just Marianas skill is not good if the game wants a balance, your idea of 5 seconds is similar to my idea of halo reacting with marianas only each five seconds sending the lighning, as I said before, I think Halo is ok, even when I see her with kurtz, but in this case with Marianas, it is just out of balance.

Making her gold skill having periodical effect?
Or making it % wise?
¤Just like halo & her clone have 40% with their plat skill.
¤Having periodical effect like… Regularly hitting enemies out of covers in regular INTERVALS of time!

But, if Marianas is getting any changes then, i am hoping i pass some important extreme before her nerf

Never liked the idea of nerfing any hero on public demands just bcoz, it’s tough to be defeated …Just go back to past & u’ll fimd lots of complaints on rollers(which was really illogical) but, now we got an effective solution for rollers… But, it created another prblm… Hope 100 will do some miracle which doesn’t need any nerfing for weather girls.

It is not a solution for rollers, it is a solution for the easy way, I think they have nerfed heroes for less than that, so I hope Marianas is nerfed too… Even kurtz was nerfed, and what I am saying is that her skill should be more balanced, because the one tha causes the damage is not Marianas, but Halo, or Kiyoshi, but if Marianas skill is always active, then it is unfair. I think everyone here look at that team and says: if I don´t kill her in 5 seconds, I am done!.. And a match is made to be at least one minute, so what is the balance in the game there?