New Meta For Marianas

Theres a new team that is barely beatable, ofcourse it is with a sandbag but if we’d be talking about fair play with equal power, its extremely hard to beat, it exists out of : Baron - Cinder - Marianas - Keel - Halo, its more of a setup to create immense pressure on your opponent, you use baron the first minute, destroying all cover, keel her ability to heal when cover is destroyed prevents people from killing him instantly, when he has all cover destroyed cinder will have insane hp and damage output, but she isn’t the trick, she is a backup, marianas deals damage every second when out of cover which means that the enemies will have a constant damage per second effect, and if that is not enough you can control cinder to finish the job, its only counterable by eliminating someone before the insane heals start, which is best done by either use an insane mech damage dealer and take out baron immediatly or anyone else, because this team needs everyone to work good that should do the trick, let them alive and youll have a hard time trying to survive, i used hardscope for this setups which kills marianas in about 7 seconds from the beginning, , then baron and then just rip the rest apart, hope you like this setup and let me know if you have new counters or variations


Nice work, I find Marianas to be just like Alcatraz where they are very useful for extra damage but not actually piloted by players. Any shield breaker works well, I suggest matador over baron as he can heal, his jump breaks cover and he can also provide shields when cover is broken. This team does need all platinum to work however.

As mentioned to counter this type of team you either need to take out Marianas or the shield breaker, but Marianas has high damage to cover just like baron so I would suggest taking out their halo first and foremost as she will be the one doing the damage. Marianas won’t work without halo, and as long as halo is alive she will kill even a 5 bar Kurtz. You have to be fast and on top of your kill order to beat this style of team. She is frontline energy so most strong mechs can deal with her quickly as well, but beware she is very small so her hitbox is smaller than other heroes. Someone like Steel next to her is twice the size, and if they have matador or baron standing next to Marianas it acts as a Meat shield making it hard to throw skills her way.

Counter to the team is taking out baron and halo quickly. If you have kurtz, I have been using kurtz instead of keel in same set up and it punishes other teams for taking out any of the members needed for the combo. That way things will last long enough for cinder to clean up the end regardless of who the opponent targets first. Very high win rate against most teams, and pretty competitive again standard meta teams depending on who is playing in the other side

Yes. But the point of keel is to prevent that, and baron because he can destroy like 8 covers every mag which allows for the best healing, but if keel not high these are indeed super great to use instead

One of my hero concepts was a very small backline so she was not hittable behind cover, to cover up her incredible low survivability

I put baron at the same tier of removal as halo. When I use baron I just destroy all cover ASAP, disrupting anyone attacking my halo and prolonging match those few crucial seconds. While I’m doing that my cinder is blowing up in power. People can survive the halo damage in the beginning if they can take out the cover breaker early and not have to deal with a buffed cinder If they take out most

But then again, since I’ve added kurtz, it’s added a good amount of punishment for attacking the baron. At least right now when no one can make a decision it’s been pretty breezy

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A full powered 4cep can take out anything, regardless of presence of keel, at least pre-ruby, kurtz seems to be better, but not everyone has kurtz.

I have also used phalanx instead of keel since initial survivability until wiping all cover is the goal. Pretty similar results to keel since if a player knows to knock out halo/baron, the team isn’t as effective either either way. I prefer phalanx since in the matches I play, they are pretty much determined before keel has heal And the shield provides more protection than the keels armor early on

Makes me think someone like butters may be helpful to bets these teams and energy does such little damage to energy shields, this Is why butters is a good siren competitor

The tough part is butter needs to charge so he worked Against siren since she needed to charge too. You are causing mass damage with this team almost immediately. I think the only teams that I’ve had issues with were classic meta teams with phalanx (early energy shield Since the dps is low…just constant) with a well controlled 4cep who didn’t move near new cover to get disrupted and just stood there and took out the halo/Barron quickly.

It’s just nice to have a team competitive with 4cep teams without having to use 4cep.

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Maybe phalanx and butters haha

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But what if people not have 4cep though… It’s difficult to beat this type of team

That’s the point, this team beats teams featuring 4 cep relatively often compared to any other team builds. Have a pretty solid win rate over 90% (non-ruby). The only problem is that against strong 4-cep teams I’m bound to lose a hero or two so keeping all hearts isn’t as likely as having 4cep quickly taking our opponent dps. But with the high win rate I don’t mind (don’t plan on taking the time to be top 10)

Soon will be another useless team soon as they nerf it. And then we moan about why others play 2-3 hero team. We’ll stop nerfing heroes so you know what your heroes do. Every update you don’t know how your heroes work. Useless

You have to learn to adapt every month. This is the first month in a long time where 4cep teams are FINALLY challenged. In fact, he’s pretty useless now if not piloted correctly. It’s great.


Plus ruby serial has made him look like a mashed potato

The game is ever evolving and certain lineup shouldn’t be punished because people haven’t learned to adapt to it yet.

If anything, I applaud the good team composition.

I’ve gone up against that team composition. I win some, I lose some. You adjust, learn from it and move on.