Marlowe Drawing

Started drawing this Marlowe picture a few months ago, but put it aside for a long time. Finished it today, lmk what you think :).

(She’s faceless because I can’t draw faces lol)


Same here! :man_facepalming: Just realized, I didn’t add this skin yet into the poll! Try making the nose wide and then curving a little. The lips are also pretty wide with thin for the top layer with some curves and the bottom, a little more thicker than the top. That is all I know, I am very sorry.(Can only help you to here :grinning:)

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No worries haha! Draw whoever u want. And thanks for the advice.

I need to draw a robot next since they don’t have an actual face lol.

Yeah, that is why I draw heroes with mask more than human heroes. Try taking a huge break from drawing facial features and go back to it, will see improvements.(What I mostly did because I am bad at it too).

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I approve of this artwork; it is the best artwork.


ok lante. Let me fix that. Not sure if it is a face but, please check this out.




I love it.

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hahhahaa lolol… Make some more faceless lante… and will do the finishing touch. hahahaha

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