New 5* Hero Concept: Corporal Yuri

Midline hero
Weapon: Mouser C96


  • Bronze: Armor shield (gain armor for 8 seconds that reduces damage)
  • Silver: Laser shot (shoots a laser shot from his wrist to a single enemy
  • Gold: Adrenaline (Presses the green button to activate a quick rush of adrenaline to heal himself when below 30% health. cooldown of 15 seconds)
  • Plat: Pierce shot (attacks have a chance to ignore shields and lower defense for 8 seconds)
  • Ruby: Doing damage (as described for the Ruby skill)


Did you make that artwork yourself @GIR? If so, that’s really sick! Nicely done!

I would love to see more concepts utilize artistic abilities to maximize customization.

wish i could say i did, but not quite. i did the colors, but pieced other parts from somewhere else. a bit of extra editing on my end