Meet the Devs! 2020 Edition

We’re proud to have one of the best communities in gaming. We’ve gotten to know many of you over the years, through VIP Chat, on Discord, and here on the forum. We thought it was time to share a little bit about us, so you can get to know the people who make Hero Hunters.

It’s time to meet the devs, 2020 Edition! We have some new peeps, say hi! :wave:


Fave Hero: Cinder :fire:

Fun Fact: I’m a big fan of Judge Judy, courts dramas and high profile legal cases, so much so that I voluntarily applied for jury duty. I sat on a jury to help provide recommendations to the systems involving mental health and drug rehabilitation. I hope the recommendations we made become a positive change :relaxed:

Explain Your Name: Following the Norse Mythology theme (started by Huginn and Muninn), I picked Skathi. Skaði (Skathi) is the Norse goddess associated with bowhunting, winter and mountains. Thought it worked well with Hero Hunters

Fave Gif (of the moment):



Fave Hero : Hideo! I’ve been a fan of ninja ever since I was a kid. If there’s a ninja in a game, that’s who I’m playing as, whenever possible. I’m also a fan of flying elbow drops, so Hideo is a natural pick for me.

Fun Fact: I’m known around the office as the “sword guy,” because I attend a historical fencing academy and regularly spar with steel weapons.

Explain Your Name: Huginn came first. I was the second mod on the forum, so in keeping with the naming conventions, I chose Muninn. Huginn and Muninn were Odin’s ravens in Norse Mythology. Muninn means “memory” in Old Norse. Considering that I read every single forum post and prepare feedback reports for the rest of the team every week, it’s a fitting name!

Fave Gif:

Lord Nikon

Fave Hero: Galante Mk.II, one word MISSILES

Fun Fact: End up in the Hospital every 6 years, like clockwork. 6 Broken leg (ran over by a car), 12 Bone disease in that leg, 18 Appendix blew up, etc etc etc.

Explain Your Name: Lord Nikon is one of the Hacker names from the movie Hackers. Which I loved growing up, and still do. If I was going to pick any other name it would probably be Tron related.

Fave Gif:


Fave Hero: Jackal! I worked on Forged Fantasy quite a bit before moving over to Hero Hunters, so it’s only natural he’d be my favourite with him being in both games! Also, his description makes me chuckle every time I read it.

Fun Fact: I once strapped a knife to a motor, then the motor to a pumpkin, and made it fight another pumpkin. My pumpkin won.

Explain your name: I like good coffee.

Fave Gif:


Fave Hero: There are so many cool looking heroes in the game it is hard to choose, but I love Razorback’s dumb ass energy and “Mad Max-esque” design. And his taunting ability is funny as hell and pretty useful. I also like Flatline for her super useful revive ability and her badass lightning powers. And gotta love 4-CEP cause he’s such an adorable robo (especially in his rare skin).

Fun Fact: I went to watch the Cats movie to have a laugh at how bad it was but ended up weirdly loving it and proceeded to get addicted to listening to the broadway soundtrack. I even went back to watch the film again. I have a side project idea to mash up Cats songs with Snoop dog songs and call the mixtape Cats and Dogs.

Explain Your Name: My name is a reference to a place in my home town where I would always meet up with friends. Also I had just watched the prehistoric Spongebob episode that day so had dinos on my mind.

Fave Gif


Fave Hero: Galante or Serial

Fun Fact: I used to work in forest industry before getting into game dev so I can operate a lot of machinery.

Explain Your Name: Most of the other devs had names based around the movie Hackers so I tried to find something that wasn’t taken. Master of Disaster is a name that Joey suggests when he’s trying to find a handle, it was fitting because at the time I was the youngest on the team.

Fave Gif:
giphy (1)


Fave Hero: Artemis, because she’s really cool. Also, her Plum skin is purple, which is my favourite colour.

Fun Fact: I voiced one of the heroes in the game. Guess which one :slight_smile:

Explain Your Name: I don’t think this is something that can be explained, it’s just something that I am. When Munnin thinks of me, he thinks of ToeBeans, so this is just who I am now.

Fave Gif:


Fave Hero: Halo

Fun fact: I’m a year-round bike commuter. I’ll ride in pouring rain and even snow. I do it mostly out of stubbornness but secretly relish the “you’re insane” looks I get when I show up in my bike gear on a snow day :wink:

Explain Your Name: I was the original hackers reference, 'nuff said.

Fave Gif:

This isn’t the entire development team, but these are the team members you’ll be interacting with most often in VIP Chat, Discord, and on the forum. When it comes to news and announcements, if you didn’t hear it from one of these team members, then it isn’t official!


Welcome new developers, we all really hope you get the best out of your stay in HH and we are very excited to get to know you guys better! Loves from M E L L O W


@MasterofDisaster @LordNikon… Galante is your favorite hero, not Godlante? :rofl:


I’m so glad to see some more Devs that we can interact with! Nice to meet you all!

@Skathi is still my favorite though. :wink: Judge Judy is one of my favorite shows as well. :joy:



Yet to interact with everyone. But glad to see the whole team, and eager to know all through community.


@ToeBeanscant say I’ve seen you before, we have @oasis_dino_21snd @GoodCoffee in the discord now, would be a pleasure you have you join our wonderful community as well




Name’s Myst, Vintermyst. Coolest dude in the states (along with my fellow dudes and dudettes). Pleased to meet ya.


Very nice to meet and re-meet you all. Greatly appreciate your work!

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I haven’t met all of you personally but nice to meet ya! Thanks for all your work here…hope we get to see each other soon in vip or discord or wherever!


I’m the great Lord Captain Commander Orion Lappotron Alpha Bravo Castle… but for friends just Cpt. Lappo.
I am an Agent of Chaos, everything I do is to generate it and/or keep it alive.
It’s a pleasure to meet you and I hope you’re ready for the future.





Oh my lord… A legend has returned to the public view… and then disapeared shortly after :frowning_face:


I know!!! Crazy! @Omnipotent, you are missed!

To everyone who posted above…it’s a pleasure to meet so many of you! Thanks for all the hard work you do for all of us here in the community. I, for one, appreciate all the long hours you all must put in to keep us happy. Seriously, ya guys rock.

HH forever.


@Omnipotent MOST NOBLE ONE!!!


I’m gonna say that @ToeBeans voiced Artemis or Pris. One of the girls with a flamboyant tone.


Come back Omni!!! :sob::triumph:

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I wanna voice klayton hehe, i can make my incredibly low, like to the point you think santa claus is choking on an apple

I had no idea that Santa Claus choking on an apple sounded like Klayton. Hmm… who knew. :man_shrugging:t2:

I guess you learn something everyday.

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