Farewell Huginn

Hello Hunters!

Today is my last day at Hothead. I’ve been working on Hero Hunters since before Ryker lost an eye, and it has been a heck of a good time. I’ve accomplished a lot that I’m proud of in my time on Hero Hunters and at Hothead Games, the great relationship between the devs and the community being one of them.

It was a very, very, tough decision for myself and my family to make. I won’t be moving on to another opportunity, my family and I are moving to Germany for personal reasons. I will miss this team and this community.

The team has a bunch of great things coming up for you guys, I’ll still be around following the progress on my incognito account. I’m really looking forward to the upcoming holiday season!

I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone in the community for being open and honest with me. It’s the constructive feedback, the posts about how Gauntlet has taken 11 days of your time, or talks in Discord about how events and Heroes could be better, all that has built Hero Hunters into the game that it is today. Don’t stop that honest feedback, we’re always listening.

Stay classy,


Rip Huginn, may you join Omni on the wall of remembered Devs

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Best of luck in all your endeavors Huginn

Maximum Sadness.

Best wishes and I hope you enjoy like all the beers while you’re in Germany


I thought someone had bumped an old post after several months.

Like with many games, may your journey take you far even if you work on big games or something smaller. Idk, but have fun and just remember to keep in touch with your fellow headers

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Hi, I am a bit of a newbie to the game… thank you for all u have contributed to HH… As my 13 year old says… Mom, I can’t believe u are a gamer now:D I would like to think that you Huginn are a contributing factor to me playing the first and only game so intensely:) I am hooked!!! I wish you and your family the very best!!!

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Good bye guys :wink::wink::wink::wink:

Welcom in Europe

Good luck and wish you success

Cheers and good luck in Germany from your old friend and supporter. You were always definitely among my top 10 Hotheaders!

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Welcome to Germany Huginn, have a nice time here

Willkommen in Deutschland Huginn, habe eine schöne zeit hier

Goodbye Huginn and thanks for everything :heart: I and many others are so appreciative of how you interacted with the community and of your level headed approach to all of our moaning. I wish you nothing but the best with wherever life takes you and your family.


Best of luck to you and your family, your work here was much appreciated.

game since there is Hero guolet has been part of all my days … thanks Bro

good luck to you ~

and god bless you

Will miss you Huginn! Best wishes to you!

i cant belivie it that we nev er saw him since he dissapeared before the livestream

so much sadness be safe in your further travels and come back and update us one day!

Hello, HUGINN.
I welcome you cordially in my country Germany. We are nice people and look forward to you.